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I woke up in a stormy weather,

I woke up in rough sea.

I woke up to breath and dance again,

I woke up a different me.


Image by Jordan Ladikos

Waiting for the wave

At the mercy of the Sea

Not a word I hear them grumble.


Image by Paweł Czerwiński

The caress of the breeze

on the skin

fills my heart with ease,

An effortless longing

for love and peace



Every morning I look at the train,

My eyes escape from the window,

There’s a track I can follow,

Fast like a train,

I want to find a way back.



The city is desert,

The crowd is like the sand,


Hundreds of thousands of particles,

Moving in many directions.


void in the crowd.JPG

Hesitate without guilt
For at war you are not



Today, it’s a rainy day,

The pavement sleeps under my feet,

I need to escape from the streets…


Suddenly the crowd disappears,

The rain re-appears,

Let’s walk in the forest.  

lonely walker.JPG

It’s summertime in the city,

The wind is blowing,

Rush hour time in the centre,

The time of change is coming.


There’s a bird flying on top the buildings,

No one can see his shape,

There’s a mysterious bird watching me,

I can imagine his flight in the air                          

Close Up Owl

It’s 4 o’clock in the morning,
Time to wake up,
Time to move up…


Like a baby in the sand

Playing with the waves of life,

Let the sun shine in your mind,

Be pure as a wind of joy,



Sunset Melody, a new hope in your mind

Sun and moon reveal their romance,

Day and night dance forever,

Sunset Melody, the performance is huge.


sunset Vilnius.JPG

To know silence in a world of noise

To live with purity in the plague

To be joyful in the serious man's world.



Coming from nowhere,

There’s a voice I can’t hear.

Coming from my deep fair,

There’s a voice I could hear


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