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Lonely Walker

Today, it’s a rainy day,

The pavement sleeps under my feet,

I need to escape from the streets…


Suddenly the crowd disappears,

The rain re-appears,

Let’s walk in the forest.


There’s a space in my mind,

The silence becomes mine,

The water is so sweet.


I am lost in the woods,

But the spots sing in my head,

The spots are flowing down my face.


Today I discover the joy,

To walk alone in the rain,

To find peace in my brain.


My mind is bright

While the clouds fight,

Can’t understand why I feel so light…


I am a lonely walker,

Lost in a terrible mass,

Walking down the torrents of love.


The silence is mine,

Like a spark in my eye,

I look at the storm from inside.


Loneliness is my home,

Freedom is my house,

Joy is my gate.


My feet fly on the ground,

The water flows down,

My mind plays on the ground.


Pleasure belongs to nature,

It is a pure treasure to be nurtured

By a delighting rain on in my hair.




I run in the space,

Like a lonely walker,

A hunter in the jungle.



A warrior with a heart,

 winner of a fight,

To abandon loneliness for a while.



Just playing with the rain,

Forgetting the civilization,

Seeing a spring in my imagination.

lonely walker.JPG


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