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2023 Year of the Water Rabbit

Here we are in 2023, coming a long way through everything that happened last year and the years before. Each year is also linked to an element, and this year it is the water that takes the lead. From the water Tiger to the water Rabbit.

The water element makes it wiser, deeper, and brings more opportunities for all of us to be more in tact with our emotions and start listening to the inner voice from the depths. The rabbit in this element is perfect for flexibility and adaptability, but one should be careful to use these opportunities wisely.

Water rabbit is linked to willingness to compromise and sensitivity so more emphatic people should stay grounded and careful not to loose sight of their needs and intuitions.

A lot of people might feel the urge to compromise, just for the sake of 'peace'. Peace is one word which is usually mentioned for a rabbit year and the rabbit is considered the luckiest of the 12 zodiac animals! It is expected that this year would be less dramatic and turbulent than the last year of the Tiger. In other words - this year is seen to be the year of hope.

Hope is one of the most beautiful words for me personally. And probably for a lot of other readers out there. Hope gives us strength to carry on when we think we are not capable anymore and just want to give up. Hope is why we do not turn from each other when someone or something puts manipulation at play.

This year really can be our year of hope and luck if we are united, determined and strong.

In addition, rabbit as a spirit animal symbol is very strong spiritually. When rabbit comes to your life you might grab the opportunity to a possibility of awakening or some kind of revelation. Therefore, this year might be very important to all of us. We have to have our ears all tall and open and we have to move faster than usual.

Perception, intuition, truth. These are some keywords I felt could be suitable for this year and let the journey begin!


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