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Abundance: becoming who we are - New Moon in Leo, August 19th 2020

(4.41am, Malta time.)

Abundance: becoming who we are

This New Moon puts Mars and the Fire element at the top. This 'mood' rules the chart. Both Sun and Mars are sitting high in their own fiery kingdoms. Mars is hosting by far the largest number of strong aspects:

1. Fiery Trine aspect to the conjunction Sun, Moon and Mercury (Aries and Leo, fire signs)

2. Cardinal Square to Saturn / Pluto conjunction and more softly to Jupiter (Aries and Capricorn, Cardinal signs)

Everything in this chart points to self-expression, pursuing one's passions and initiating new beginnings. The Mars/New Moon/Mercury trine is a special opportunity for any form of communicative expression, whether you are initiating a new project or boosting an existing one. The Mars square aspect to the big boys happens in the Cardinal modality, which means that it is focused on initiating, creating new opportunity, and above all doing so in a way that expresses one's individuality.

The square aspect is however not known for its easy-going nature, so it is more than likely that the over-the-top enthusiasm of the fiery trine and the pioneering drive of the cardinal modality will be 'put in their place' by the square aspect.

In practice this means that it is useless to waste your energy crashing against the obstacles (internal or external) that will arise. Wait them out, observe, find a creative response, and keep moving if you can.

Avoid worry, express joy

Leo's desire to shine and sacrifice itself for its ideals and Mars' position in the southern hemisphere of the chart indicate that we might face the trap of 'social concerns'. But the more subtle messages of the chart suggest ways to modulate this script, expressing inner fountains of creativity instead of mental fire and worry.

It is better to focus on those creative expressions which fulfil us deeply rather than waste our attention on the systemic world of Capricorn. This NM chart feels very personal and too much concern about the intricacies of the political, economic and health crises of the world of inorganic systems is more likely to arrest our growth than produce anything positive.

Acting creatively, with joy, and free from desire for results is likely to produce invisible but nonetheless far-reaching systemic effects. The negativity that produces crises is an energetic phenomenon, and feeds on worry, fear, anxiety, anger and judgement. To inject joy and creativity into the common energetic pool is an act of uncompromisingly peaceful and deeply effective rebellion. It is also much fun!

Handle Fire with Gentleness

Last but not least, Venus in Cancer invites us to be gentle with ourselves, care for the ones we love, and dance our way around obstacles and 'problems'. It reminds us to never lose sight of self-importance, the greatest obstacle to change and fluidity. Armed with this gentle awareness we welcome the storms that disrupt the continuity of “my story”, forcing us to activate forgotten parts of ourselves, and thus helping us to become who we are.

We find ourselves in the first act of the three harvest festivals (Lammas, Mabon and Samhain). It's a time in which we are allowed and encouraged to become available to abundance, and to do so by challenging and re-evaluating the superficial materialistic approaches handed down to us. There we might discover an abundance that is always already here, within, ready to be harvested through effortless alignment rather than tiring struggle.

So, follow your inspiration as it arises, do not deprive yourself of enjoyment and self-expression, and do so with awareness of your inner state, knowing that others are as real as you are.

Have fun!!


Numbers 19.08.2020

1+9+0+8+2+0+2+0 = 22 = 4


Once again the master number repeats itself during this gate. The 22 has many of the inspirational insights of the 11, combined with the practicality and methodical nature of the 4, making it unlimited yet disciplined; it sees the archetype and brings it down to earth in a material form. It has big ideas, expansive plans, idealism, leadership, and self-confidence. The master builder is at play. This is the time to use it to boost the action on your creativity.

If not practical or realistic 22s waste their potential.

Let‘s call it the Fool. In the tarot of Marseilles it represents a character walking with innocence to his destiny.

It is also time to learn that all change is good, as it decrystallizes the old patterns of the past.


Linked to the earth element, to a structure, the square, concrete actions. Number 4 represents the Emperor in the Tarot of Marseilles, the authority and the power, needing an opening.

A pure sign of the Martian yang energy that this time unfolds. Diligently observe the identifications that you are conditioned with and act gently.

The Emperor sits on a ram-adorned throne, a symbol of Mars. As well as another ram head can be seen on his red cloak. All a representation of power, passion and the energy of life. His long white beard bearing the symbol of "wisdom". He holds the Egyptian symbol of life; the Ankh scepter in his right hand. In his left hand he holds a globe over which he rules on; a symbol of domination. The Emperor sits atop a stark, barren mountain, a sign of "sterility of regulation, structure and unyielding power." He symbolizes the top of the secular hierarchy, the ultimate male ego. The Emperor is the absolute ruler of the world.



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