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ANGLES (dynamic astrology)

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Searching for the dominant of your birth is a very interesting track!

First of all, it is important to pay attention to the distribution of the planets on the 4 different angles, which are: the ascendant (East), the descendant (West),the Midheaven (South) and the Nadir (North).

1/ the burst chart: the planets are spread throughout the chart, meaning that the native has the tendency to dissipate his efforts a bit too much. On another side, the Nagual point of view, it is the ability to reach universality. Between confusion and cooperation, the challenge should be to concentrate on a non-egocentric goal in life.

2/ the angle of Orient: the planets are located on the East side of the chart, allowing the native to be action-addicted and to give value to his/her personality development (Ascendant). From the Nagual point of view, this is the path linked to Wu Wei, the art of non-acting, obeying the laws of nature instead of bowing before the rules of self-importance.

3/ the angle of the West: the planets are located on the area of the Descendant (West side Story), linked to house 7= relationships. The native will pay a lot of attention on his/her relationships and communication. Deep thinking, different ways of self-expression, altruism should be the key words of this path.

4/ the angle of the day: the planets are located in the diurnal part of the chart (on top of the horizon- South). The native is searching for outward expression, to express him/herself in a concrete or any physical activity should fit.

5/ the angle of the night: the planets are located in the nocturnal part of the chart (under the horizon-North). The native has a potential for introspection, maturity will help him to reach his/her goals. Meditation will be the main key word.

Seeing the dominant of a birth chart may help to take right decisions. But sometimes, there's a second aspect and you have to understand both aspects. For example, you can have a strong Orient angle and planets under the horizon. So Yang and Yin! Action and communication underneath.

Fellow peaceful warrior, use your intuition and after understanding your dominant, create your own profile.

May the angles illuminate your day.


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