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Astrological hieroglyphs: the conjunction Sun, Black Sun, Sirius and the Black moon

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

(from 3rd to 7th July 2022)

The Sirius footbridge opens its doors every year. Meanwhile, we are able to more easily exploit and open the higher frequencies of the Sirius star. Sirius is known as our Spiritual Sun, and the ancients believed it was a place of superior consciousness.

Many ancient cities were built in alignment with Sirius because it was believed that the vibrations of this huge star could reign and deliver higher frequencies to help advance life on Earth.

Thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, a culture that watched the sky carefully, the helical rising of Sirius coincided with the summer solstice. A helical rising occurs when a star, after having been hidden by daylight for a period of time, can once again be seen shortly before sunrise.

From July 3 to 7, we can all access the light energies of Sirius, and if we open up, we can receive messages that will help us to further awaken our consciousness. The star belongs to the Canis Major constellation and is located 14°05 Cancer.

More than one secret society has used Sirius as the symbol of their directive; to guide, protect and lead those who seek light. As this symbol, it burns brightly with complete transparency of intent for a mission that can’t be neglected. As the brightest star in the sky, it represents the highest aspiration to truth and service to others, in short, the best we can be.

The amazing chart of the 5th July 2022!

To illustrate the article, I have consciously chosen this day as there is the perfect conjunction between the Sun and its part of shadow the Black Sun. Knowing that the Sun is in exile in the water sign of Cancer (sign of the Moon), the irrational aspect of the chart is clearly shown by:

- the conjunction Sun, Black Sun (13° Cancer), Sirius (14°05) and the Black Moon

(9°04), considering an orb of 10° max.

- the impact of Mercury acting as a scout planet

- number 5, in the Osho Zen tarot symbolizes the void...

A few words about the Black Sun and the Black Moon

The black Sun is somehow the antithesis of the black Moon. Not that it is opposed but it represents a parallel of revelation in the face of the mystery of the human being.

If the Black Moon takes more of the planetary elements of Saturn and Uranus, and therefore of a certain struggle of dependence, or of liberal anarchy. The Black Sun takes more of the Moon and of Neptune, therefore of a participation, of a jubilation of fusion of the concept of creativity. The Black Moon is a search for freedom, the Black Sun is searching for an act of that freedom.


- the BM is the executioner while the BS is the tortured, there is a sacrifice side in the latter.

- The BM is the deduction, the BS is the illumination.

- With the BM we oppose, with the BS we blend.


- The BM is insensitivity, the BS is hypersensitivity.

- BM = Skepticism, BS = fanaticism.

- The BM takes the turn of the ascetic, while the BS is the extreme desire to exist.

- With the BM we make appointments, with the BS we make encounters.

- With the BM are the mirrors, with the BS the kaleidoscopes.

- The BM is the power of structuring, while the BS is the power of imagination.

- The BM organizes the planned, precise journeys, the BS lives them spontaneously, it is an adventure.

If the Black Moon is Lilith, the White Moon is Eve, the Sun is Apollon, the Black Sun is Dionysos.

Dionysus is the balance point of the Sun, it represents the unconscious part, the black

hole, the UN-awakened part of Knowledge.

Lilith means a principle of reduction and deletion, like a missing amount of well-being in the personality. The Black Moon also symbolizes a quest of absolute and transcendence.

How to decipher the astro-hiero-glyphs of this chart?

I think there is no need to decipher this triple conjunction as the BM and the BS are fictive points and not planets. They act subtlety on our unconscious showing us the way to feel that messages or revelation might come at that moment. Light and shadows are dancing deeply in the collective sign of Cancer. The Sun is in the sign of the Moon, the BM and BS are also in the sign of the Moon. Mercury has a job to do..

The mission of the god of communication..

As a scout planet (the planet placed immediately before the Sun has symbolized the practical channel through which solar vitality is expressed), Mercury has a dynamic part of revelations and is deeply involved in providing messages. Today he is the postman putting letters and postcards in your mailbox.

As the scout planet rises just before the sun, it neutralizes the solar ego of the sign, coloring the personality with its potential. It’s one of the most important factors that need to be synthesized into the interpretation of the natal chart, as it is a planet acting behind the curtains hiding a tremendous potential.

If we drop the monkey mind (reason), we have to realize that:

we are luminous beings hidden in the shadow of the system...

To end up the article, I would like to quote Mr Jean-Louis Bernard (French spiritualist author, connoisseur of yoga, dervishes and tantrism-1918-1998):

The real personal master is the double*. In Egyptian initiation, there was also no external, corporeal master, the initiate was formed by his double, in some special cases of sleep, these favored by the atmosphere of a temple. The master who lets himself be deified is always a false master.

Mr Jean-Louis Bernard

So let’s be receptive and welcome any precious messages/knowledge/dreams coming from the depths of our brain...leading us to enlightenment.



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