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Chiaroscuro: What you see after losing your head

(Image above : Caravaggio, the beheading)

A person who is very dear to me has a very curious birth-chart. Even more curious than most other characteristics is a perfect (to the minute!) conjunction between her Sun, Lilith (true) and Lilith (mean) in Pisces.

This person happens to be extremely bright, sunny and light, and yet incredibly deep and empathic. She is a living message.

Part of the message she embodies, part of the 'purpose' of her being-in-the-world, is that the Sun and the Black Moon CAN see eye to eye, they can communicate without losing their own selves in the process, they can co-exist without enslaving each other, or incessantly warring over owning the individual.

Moreover, true Lilith (that erratic, nocturnal, mysterious thing), when she feels freed to be – rightfully so – on level terms with the Sun, allows herself some peace; she allows herself the freedom of the 'mean', the freedom to be seen, instead of feared, chained, disdained. She remains implacable, but a bit more sweetly so.

The Sun, in its turn, is now given a deeper insight into its own universe. It can see those areas in its kingdom that, by their very nature, escape its control. It loses the blindness induced by its own light.

The Sun is humbled, and it remembers that it is not enough to know oneself as a gift, and that one's universe is to be appreciated, in all its shades, as a gift one continually receives... as one's opportunity for being.

Other common mortals can take this message as a possibility they never considered. They will, according their own path, have to work for this symbiotic union of absolute opposites. And that is fine too, for when the light knows the darkness, and the darkness knows the light, there is no struggle that is barred from becoming a way to integration.

Good luck.


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