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Dancing with the flyers: accepting the unacceptable!

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

It’s not the title of a novel, but it should be. I was searching for a very uncommon article.The topic came after digging in my archives. Following the concept of a brilliant writer and conspirational theorist Mrs Laura Knight-Jadczyk, many coincidences were mingling in my mind.

Her concept of organic portals is more than astonishing. Inspired from a book (Gnosis, author Boris Mouravieff),

She writes:

Organic portals are generic vehicles or portals in human form, ready to be used by various forces. That is why they are perfect and docile puppets at the service of the Matrix. [...]
Organic portals capture the energy of the soul of individuals provided with it. [...]

The frame is that there were originally 2 races that evolved on Earth, and that these two races, though almost identical in physical terms, were actually very different in terms of the soul. It seems that one possessed the potential to develop a sovereign and complete soul in its lifetime, while the other presented only an empty shell in comparison, and was destined to wait for the next «wheel ride» or cosmic cycle.

The coexistence, thus confirmed, of a race of anthropoids and a race of men, is necessary, so that stability in the movement of organic life on Earth may be maintained without interruption; it is also by virtue of the principle of Equilibrium, the first race being a counterweight that allows Men to continue its spiritual evolution.

The Inorganic Consciousness is a step towards our evolution...

Castaneda & Torres tell us that the human race has been domesticated, they are right.

But, once one realizes this slavery program is only a program, one can also emancipate him/herself from matrix slavery.

Awareness is the key, and it has always been.

Le's think about this:

Humans who have a soul do not need to submit to a guru to access the spiritual

dimension naturally.

As mentioned on the illustration, the organic portals don’t have access to the heart chakra, to the throat chakra, to the 3rd eye chakra, to the crown chakra. By a trick of reflection, they want to have an access to the chakras of the individuals with a soul.

The organic portals want you to think they are superior beings.

All these puppets handled by the flyers are also fed by their self importance, and we find a lot of these specimen in politics and in huge companies.

How to recognize the organic portals?

Not easy for sure. But they are empty shells filled with a fake power on the others, meaning that they have absolutely no power on themselves. They are stuck in the system and have no intent to get out from the matrix. The organic portals have a big ego. They are the perfect vehicles of the inorganic consciousness. Quite often a psychopath can hide under the mask of a spiritual leader, a therapist, a politician, a doctor, a policeman, a teacher...

It is important to understand that the role they play in social life is just a reflection of empathy, but they don’t have any. The perfect illustration to give a picture of these individuals without soul are the Roman emperors and more recently on the screen... the Siths (Star Wars) or the agent

Smith (Matrix).

The quotes of the end:

Neo, sooner or later you’re going to realize, just as I did, there’s a difference between

knowing the path and walking the path.

(Morpheus - The Matrix)

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.

(Bob Marley)

In the end, cowards are those who follow the dark side.

(Master Yoda)


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