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Discovering the system of the shell - Colours Part 2

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Hello fellow peaceful warriors!

Here is the continuation of the colour system, this time based on the enigmatic system of the Shell (also translated from French as 'Armour'). In the 1990s two French therapists (Mr Gilles Lhomme and Mrs Patricia Cherqui) and their research group revolutionized chromotherapy. Having followed their courses and seminars for so many years, it seems important to me to provide the basis of their teachings for the general public.

Interaction between colours:

In their individual sessions, the therapists realized that:

Depending on which of these colours (Purple, Turquoise, Lime or Scarlet) the Star of Solomon indicated, it would show a particularity for the person.

The work was done less at the level of the body, and more on the level of a psychic frequency.

This brought the method back to the work of Wilhelm Reich on « the behavioural and muscular body armour ».

After years of observation of the many patients in their care, the therapists were able to validate the undeniable fact that these four colours correspond to the Energetic Shell (armour).

By repositioning them in relation to the human body, according to the system-logic of the colours (from violet at the crown, to red at the root), we obtain the following classification:

* Purple (mental state, psyche) for the whole upper part.

* Scarlet (physical, sexual) for the entire lower region.

* Lime and Turquoise sharing the entire central area.

To know the distribution of the colours specific to each individual, one can use a not-doing of a method, by making a draw with cards featuring the 4 colours mentioned above. One writes the names of the colours on the cards, or simply colours the cards with the respective colours, shuffles, closes the eyes, and draws card by card.

The specific order in which they come up will form the particular suite.

These four colours, or four terms, and the place they occupy in what is called the Equation of the Shell, determine and qualify our energetic crystallization.

The four Colours of the Shell are like the four great human behaviours:

Indifference, complaint, greed and intimidation, which are expressed through our complacency, fears, self-pity and self-contemplation. We can say that they are the manifestations of our conditioning.

What are these four crystallized colours on the periphery of our luminous cocoon?

- The first, is the Impregnator, the Intention of the Spirit.

We are «impregnated» with this Colour. It is the most highlighted. It is our Mask. This is what we are showing, what we are opposing to the world. This is the colour of the bars of our social prison.

- The second colour, the second term, reflects our way of acting, our power of action and predation.

Behind this term lie the roots of our behavioural routines.

- The third term describes how we communicate internally and externally.

This third colour is our communication link with the world, but also with the Spirit, the Abstract. As such, it indicates how we perceive and what our communication tools are.

-The term in fourth position is like a trigger!

All that is "pervasive", all that contains its own dynamism and that continues to act, whatever happens. The fourth colour is the expression of the family intent and the conditionings that we cannot escape. We always validate it.

All the lineage programming is served by the parental injunction. It has this pregnancy and goes so far as to supplant, in the hierarchy of our behaviours, the first term of the equation.

It is the one that we suffer the most and the one we find most difficult to intervene in.

The description of these four terms of the Equation of the Shell follows, too, that of the first four Astrological Houses which are most related to our personality and our conditioning

* House I: Personality

* House II: Power of Action and Possessions

* House III: Communication

* House IV: Family/Household

These four positions are illustrated by any combination of the four colours:

Scarlet, purple, lime and turquoise.

Four cards, each with one of these colours, make it possible to obtain the representation of an armour/shell:

- Example of Shell:

Here, with the intention of discovering the shell of a specific person, we made a random draw of the following cards:

* Purple in the first term

* Turquoise in second term

* Scarlet in 3 and finally

* Lime in 4.

One can write the shell: Pu/Tu/Sc/Li

We can get, in total, 24 different combinations.

Calculating your shell in a fun way is the first step towards discovering new territories within your energy body.

If you have any questions or feel the need for any clarifications do not hesitate to make contact!


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