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Full Moon in Pisces - 2nd September 2020

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

(7.22am, GMT)


A great deal of positive potential is available during this Full Moon in the axis Virgo/Pisces. There is so much to talk about, in fact, that it is easy to lose oneself in the aspects, details and interpretations of the astrology and numerology. This is the quintessential Mercurial trap. As soon as you become keenly aware of the trap, however (after discarding, in my case, pages of text LOL!!), it becomes possible to trust your intuition, and Mercury stops fooling around and becomes your friend, a messenger.

The master number 22 marks this passage, as is clear in the dates. 2+9 is 11, and this, when put together with the energy of the Year 2020 (22/4) gives us the number 33. This means that this Full Moon is not a joke, providing an enormous opening for a deep transformation, both individual and collective.

The challenge of attention

Of course the challenges are there as well. But they don't have to turn into struggles. The key to unlocking the potential of this awesome Full Moon is to attend to whatever arises in the moment, without resisting the 'bad' or getting overly enthusiastic about the 'good'. The Moon in Pisces is not big on focus, so our attention is most likely to be inclined to dissipate. This can turn out to be a feast for the flyers industry, as our attention can become entangled with its worries, fears, and the new religion of achievement and conformism. Many aspects in the chart indicate that a high level of nervousness which has built up over the past months will come to some sort of head, and might directly affect our personal lives, particularly intimate relationships.

No fear; be keenly aware of it and it cannot touch you.

Mercury rules

Mercury is very strongly placed in the chart. We find it in Virgo, which is not only the same sign in which the Sun is currently found, but also the sign in which Mercury rules and is exalted in. So the trickster-god is having a ball. It also has its finger in almost every pot, with significant aspects to Pluto, Saturn, Neptune (all retrograde), and Mars, Venus and the Moon's nodes.

In other words this Full Moon puts us before a sort of crossroads: You are either going to identify with your mental dialogue, or you are going to create a space between yourself and your mental noise. If you identify you are going to probably live in a very exciting hell of fear and ambition. If you choose to create a space by observing the mind, you will find a deep intelligence, hidden in the very cells of your body, that is waiting for you to notice it. It wants to show you the way, the effortless path that is your destiny.

Virgo confronts its ruler

For this Full Moon we are in luck. Mercury's affinity to the Air element needs an anchor in the Earth. Otherwise we fly off into an existence without substance. Virgo's speciality is a deep intuition rooted in the physical body (it is a feminine Earth sign). This is what makes Virgo so effective in its service to the community. It not only wants to act, but at its most positive knows what to do instinctively. Virgo is deeply connected to the Vestal Virgins of antiquity, who had the responsibility of sifting through the harvest and selecting the best grains and finest seeds, thus serving the healthy continuity of the natural cycles and life in general, and helping to build the community's resilience against the inevitable 'rainy day'. This ability to discern between what provides us with a continuity to our deep, pre-conceptual awareness, and what, on the other hand, breaks this continuity to our true being, is particularly available to us during this Full Moon.

- If it might interest you; read this poem : CONTINUITY

The arising of Presence

So, the body is the focus of our attention. The messages of the spirit will come through or be confirmed in the body. So be present, inhabit your body. Avoid rushing to conclusions and explanations. Perhaps an insistent pain or sensation in a part of your body will arise, or your body might even respond by getting a bit sick. No panic, just attend to how it feels. Let the message bubble up slowly as you simply observe whatever is arising in your body, your awareness, and/or the world around you.

Transformation through communication

Mercury also reminds us about the challenge specific to the year 2020; the challenge of expression and creative communication, linked to the astrology house 3. In the context of this particular FM passage we do good to express positive emotions, as well as inspired intuitive perceptions. This in itself is a practice of transforming ourselves from victims of the world-mess to effective filters of negative energy. We become what we are 'meant to be', matrices of the transmutation of unconsciousness into love.

Left Side

House 3 is also linked to our Double, or dreaming body. The Moon in Pisces offers an opening to our left side awareness, mostly expressed through dreaming. The soft opposition between Mercury and Neptune (in Pisces, which it rules) provides an opening for communication with our silent side. Through being present and grounded during waking hours we contribute to provide a free space for our silent side to express itself in consistent dreams. We also put ourselves in a position to 'catch' the essence of the dream and bring its message of transformation into our everyday lives.

Wishing you the joy of transformation!


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