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Full Moon in the axis Gemini / Sagittarius, 8th December 2022, 5:08 CET, Malta.

We have Jupiter in his rulership in Pisces. The modern ruler of Pisces, Neptune, turning to direct motion a few days before this full Moon is also in Pisces. Both these rulers, elected as such by astrologers in different eras and with points of view rooted in different paradigms, are in a sextile aspect to transgenerational planet Pluto, who we find in Capricorn. Pluto and Capricorn share an affinity to Mars, the warrior planet, who is very strong and influential in this chart, as it conjuncts the full Moon in Gemini. The connection of Mars and Pluto also bring the echoes of the recent eclipse season involving a very active Scorpio. The Sun is in Sagittarius, also ruled by Jupiter, and in the 12th house ('decorated' by Pisces), thus coming full circle, as it were.

In this dramatic tapestry as outlined above we find opportunity as well as difficulty, mostly relating to how we move forward, leaving behind us perspectives that are old and tired, and letting new ones form naturally, in alignment to intent.

Both rulers of the sign of spirit and boundlessness are in a good mood, and are also happy to work with the Lord of the Underworld. Their messages might be unclear to the mind and will likely speak directly to the soul.

Pisces already in itself – as witnessed by its very different 'rulers' – expresses the interplay between the height of spiritual ecstasy / sheer fun (Jupiter) and the dive into the deep seas of dreams and the 2nd attention (Neptune). The truth of Pisces is the Oneness, the complete dissolution of structure and limit. Pisces' interaction with Pluto in Capricorn seems to be inviting us to heighten our awareness about the illusory nature of the world of institutions, manipulations, political agendas. In that way we contribute to the melting of those systemic strictures that arrest the flow of life and the evolution of consciousness. Even further, we are given the opportunity to see beyond the strict dualisms that plague even the most well intentioned and researched considerations, decisions, and analyses of our current situation, leaving us always with more “food for thought” than we can digest and problematic 'solutions'.

In the Present Moment Reality is not cut up into pieces.

On the personal level it is more than likely that tensions will be high. The mind is at war with itself, and therefore it is more than likely that the inner tensions we are about to experience will be compounded by a system in panic mode. Whatever the case, we do well to remember that Gemini is a double sign and therefore always needs to be balanced by a sense of unity and presence. This last full Moon of 2022 sees the Sun in Sagittarius, so a strong fire is igniting. With Mars in Gemini conjunct the FM we have a huge energy that needs to be directed with awareness; otherwise it will per force get stuck in the loop of thought and make for bad nights, bad thoughts, and very bad decisions. But, also available, there is the alternative way of a directed explosion of power.

The key here is twofold:

Outward movement of communication and interaction


Inward Turn to work with our emotions and our shadow

We must be very careful not to mistake the intensity of our emotions or the persistence of our thoughts as a sign of their veracity or validity. Instead it will be a good idea to find silence and stillness and direct our intent with a clear aim (the way of fire and the centaur). This is a time that provides a great opportunity for learning and for finding a new adventurous path through which to interact with the world around us and the worlds within us.

Sagittarius is also a sign that is quite direct. It is better to communicate clearly if something is bothering you in a persistent way. This is a good time to work through some knots, inward and outward.

At the crossroads where our sense of primordial unity (Pisces) and the agitated restriction-oriented mind (Gemini) meet/collide, we can experience fully the predicament of Mankind, the species who forgot how to remember. Last word to Mr. Tolle:

“So the single most vital step on your journey toward enlightenment is this: learn to disidentify from the mind. Every time you create a gap in the stream of mind, the light of your consciousness grows stronger.”

The Power of Now

May your flame burn bright and strong,


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