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Hunting the Dragon

An ancient Oriental system gives so much importance to the nodes, that we need to have a better understanding of these 2 points. Also called the axis of the Dragon, the axis of the

nodes is often associated to the notion of Karma.

In modern astronomy the lunar nodes are the 2 points where the lunar orbit cuts the solar ecliptic. Every six months the sun goes through a node, involving a cycle of 18 years for the eclipses.

But the most interesting is the symbolic of the Lunar Nodes, starting by their names in traditional Indian astrology:

- Rahu = the North Node = the head of the Dragon

- Ketu = the South Node the tail of the Dragon

Christianity associates the Dragon with the spirit of the devil, the fire element and the concept of sin. The Chinese traditions associate the Dragon with the Emperor, the principle of authority, the Yang and the male energy.

The Jungian psychology represents the Dragon as an archaic picture of primitive energies. It also represents the gate to the unconscious as far as we need a bridge to have an access to our rejected passions, desires, complexes or fantasies.

Many astrologers are referring to the axis of the Dragon (axis of the Nodes) as a point of karmas cleansing, meaning - cleansing the old memories from the past stuck in our collective unconscious.

To make it simple, the transit of the Nodes indicates the room where the cleansing takes


The South Node (tail of the Dragon) puts in light our attraction for the past, sometimes for negative patterns blocking our evolution. The SN indicates an unconscious attitude or a defensive system stuck in the deepest of our memory. It also happens that the SN shows us a gift or a talent cultivated in another life, that we can perpetuate or develop if we are aware of it. Although it is usually described as negative, the SN (the tail of the Dragon) can also be seen as a volcano where unconscious eruptions may reveal a hidden potential.

The North Node (head of the Dragon) is the echo of the SN, the challenge we’re heading to liberate a potential/talent put in jail by our unconscious. Described as the road to destiny, the NN is awareness. It is a fundamental element of what the soul has to assimilate, go through and accomplish or fulfill its destiny.

The SN and the NN are part of a whole as the tail and the head are parts of the Dragon. South and North, Still and Dynamic, Yin and Yang make the Tao.

What about the Dragon in 2021?

On the ephemeris the NN is located in Gemini, the SN in Sagittarius. Both are moving in Retrograde motion.

Easy to see that the “world” has lost its philosophy, has put aside its real knowledge, and has abandoned the laws of nature (Sagittarius) in the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry, twined with the financial system.

The overconsumption of news (real or fake) by the medias, shows us the impact of the NN (head of the Dragon) = Gemini ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the gods. The messages sent to people to go to vaccine centers are abuses of power. The challenge of the world is to re-find a real communication between the people shouting “freedom”, and the deaf leaders claiming authority.

On TV or social medias one can see the battle of power between the people (tail of the Dragon) remembering its past of freedom and human rights and the so called governments (head of the Dragon) gripping to their self importance.

Awareness of what is happening within the symbolism of the Nodes, within the Dragon fire...there is a return of discussion, negotiation, bargain, claims, protests...showing the

mass that a singlehanded communication has to turn to an end. No more orders in democracy (Sagittarius), no more lies on the screen (Gemini)...but a whole society developing empathy and harmony. Exit tyrans and dictators ruling Europe like a bank!

The old continent has still its soul.

The Nodes will remain in the axis Gemini-Sagittarius till the 24th December 2021 (YUL=return of the light) before moving to the axis Taurus-Scorpio.

The 1st eclipse (lunar) of the year occurred in the axis Gemini-Sagittarius on the 26 May, the last and 4th eclipse (solar) of the year will occur in the axis Sagittarius on the 4th December.

The NN is conjuncted the Dark moon from 19th July-7th November 2021. (orb of 10°)

The SN is opposed the Dark moon from 19th July-7th November 2021.(orb of 10°)

Exact conj/Opp from 1st-11th Sept 2021 (orb of 1°).

When we talk about the karmas we see the tail...of the Dragon.


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