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Is 2020 a karmic year ?

Hi fellow warriors, following some tracks, including the upside-downs of a society collapsing, the lies of a system, the mess of the rulers…. And also listening to the questions of a few mates.

Here is the topic of the year: is 2020 a karmic year?

It shouldn’t be because of the master number 22 linked to the very structural number 4. But things are going wrong, not in a consistent manner.

So I would like to introduce you a new numerology way of calculation, called the pyramid. Very easy, it’s the art of going beyond reason, as many numerologists are stuck in one method. We only need to add the numbers from left to right, and going down.

2 + 0 +2 + 0 =

2 2 2 =

4 4 =

8 = number of the karma

It’s always fun to know what’s underneath a year as we can understand a lot of things…coming to surface.

The very powerful number 8 needs a balance between the materialistic and the spiritual world. The trap will be to fall into an excess of materialism, forgetting the spiritual part. The very Plutonian number 8 also announces deep changes in a society, and struggles to put them in motion. If you reverse it, the symbol of infinity appears (Lemniscate) and the big amount of energy stuck in one part of yourself needs to emerge, needs to be expressed. Think about putting the abstract in something solid. It could be sport, painting, sculpting, a will to create that has been hidden, and also a dream kept in your pocket like a trip to Nepal or Iceland.

We can see that the number 8 comes from 44, another master number, showing that the Force will be on a Saturnian plan, number 4, the needs to reorganize our society on new spiritual values and not only on rules, laws and finances. A few days ago, on TV there was a short flash on European countries facing the pandemic. I was really amazed by the Croatian city of Zagreb setting up a campaign hospital in a stadium. That is pure adaptation to face a crisis, real consistency to help people. I am pretty much looking forward to seeing the same in big football clubs in London, Paris, Madrid, Rome…

Stadiums have a very good electricity system, halls, showers, hot water … uuppss, searching for solidarity in business, no way!


From another side, it is also interesting to calculate your “secret number”, starting from your date of birth like this scheme:

12 September 1976 ( = 12091976) use the 0, months from January to Sept.

15 December 1959 (example):

1 5 1 2 1 9 5 9

6 6 3 3 1 5 5

3 9 6 4 6 1

3 6 1 1 7

9 7 2 8 7 9 1

7 1


Short reminder :

the numbers considered as karmic are the following:

12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19.

Many numerologists consider them as debts, that we have to pay back in our present life. I somehow agree with this concept, but it’s important not to see it as a fatality but as a chance to bounce to a higher level of consciousness. In the next article I will write a few lines about the karmic numbers and the lessons we can learn from them. Here's the link to it : A Few words on the Karmic Numbers

Wishing you a positive day, full of revelations.


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