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Is there a cure for self-importance?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

In this fast and furious 21st century, there's a disease spread by the system and fed by the medias: self-importance. This concept well known in the Toltec path, or the Nagualist path if you prefer, puts the ordinary man in front of his tremendous ego. Carlos Casteneda on behalf of his disciple Armando Torres mentions that:

"society has lost his way... and dark forces were seeking to stop human evolution, and those enemy forces worked tirelessly to cloud people's mind and to change the purpose for which humans had been created..."

extract from The Secret of the Plumed Serpent

Some of you may recognize the brand of the devil promoting self-importance, cultivating ego like a gardener cultivates flowers. here are some fake commandments that makes the ego ruling lives of many people:

- First me, and next I.
- Love the possessions and clung onto them.
- Lie and cheat to achieve thy goals.
- Satisfy thy desires by any means.
- Obtain profit at any cost.
- Always seek pleasure and personal gain.
- Take advantage of others.
- Crush the weak.
- Destroy that which you cannot get.
- If you cannot accomplish something, do not let the others accomplish it either.

extract from The Secret of the Plumed Serpent

Unfortunately this is the so called modern world polluted by individualism and the quest of power. From another side, in this dynamic dualistic Universe, the Force of change = the Nagual, brings us another message. One of the healers described by Armando Torres, named Don Melchor, has another vision of the topic:

The commandments of the healers are like a map to help us to save energy :
- Be good.
- Be honest.
- Be moral.
- Be true.
- Be impeccable.
- Be patient.
- Be detached.
- Do good.
- Cultivate energy.
- Cultivate silence.

extract from The Secret of the Plumed Serpent

I would like to add that being aware of these concepts helps the mind to change its conditionings' program. Look at the number of selfies on social networks and you will understand the impact of the ego in our "modern society". And by the way, losing self-importance is a subtle way to connect with the Nagual / the Spirit.

Up to you peaceful warriors! Emancipate yourself from mental slavery...


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