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Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio / Taurus, 28th October 2023, 22.24 CET

The numerology of this lunar eclipse echoes the one of the adjecent solar eclipse earlier this month, vibrating on the number 10 (see numerology report of October). Again, and in an even more condensed manner, this indicates the importance of this eclipse season, especially with regards new beginnings.

Scorpio = 8th sign

Taurus = 2nd sign

8+2 = 10

28th October

2+8 = 10

October 10th month

22.24 = 10

The Venus / Jupiter affair

New Moon, Sept 15th 2023: Venus in tight square to Jupiter.

Sun enters Scorpio, October 21st: welcomed by Venus trine Jupiter.

Full Moon, 23rd May 2024: Venus and Jupiter will finally meet, conjunct in Taurus.

So in the story of this affair we see that these two planets go from a challenging hard aspect in the fixed modality (therefore the challenge of persistence), to a trine (Venus moves into the mutable sign Virgo). This influences the intent of this lunar eclipse, whose effects will continue to be active for at least 6 months. As the effects of this eclipse become less pronounced, on the day of the full Moon of May 2024, Venus and Jupiter will be tightly conjunct, teaming up and activating each other's powers in the fixed sign of Taurus, which Venus rules.

Whatever challenge presented itself (even as a 'missed' opportunity) around the new Moon of the 15th September 2023, and which might have become more possible or clearer during the Sun's ingress in Scorpio around the 21st October 2023, has the great potential of being 'fixed', concretised, during the time surrounding the full Moon of May 2024.

This story involves two planets that are very inclined towards beautiful things, pleasure, wealth, and creativity. This story points to a lucky confluence of energies involving an artistic project, as well as an opening for improved financial independence, love, and an expansion of one's outpouring into the world through skills that enhance our sense of fulfilment and uniqueness, probably through an act of sharing.

At this moment, for this lunar eclipse, both Venus and Jupiter have taken significant roles. Jupiter has moved from the triangle of Earth in previous lunations, and joined the complex bundle of conjunctions and oppositions involving the full Moon (thick red line cutting diagonally through the chart). Venus has now assumed a very central role in this chart. The reader might remember that in the new Moon of September 15th we dealt with an aspect pattern called a 'Kite'. This eclipse echoes that new Moon, as it also figures the same aspect pattern. As a refresh for the memory, a Kite is made of a grand trine (3 interconnected trines), and an extra 'anchor' planet that forms an opposition to the 'leading' planet, and sextiles to the other two. Take a look at the chart and you will clearly see why it has earned this nickname.

This time round Venus has replaced the new Moon (Sun and Moon) in the role of leading planet in the kite, and Jupiter has moved away from being part of the Kite, and has now formed new relationships with the Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury in the thick red line.

The Kite

Venus in Virgo, an echo of Saturn's opposition to Venus in the past lunation, reiterates the urge for precision in matters of beauty. This is of course challenged by the opposite, Neptune in Pisces, who is more inclined to express the undefinable rather than define the expression with exactitude. But an integration of this opposition, a conscious discovery of how the energies involved can be balanced and made to work in tandem, can bring the realisation of an artistic dream, a concrete sense of service imbued with joy, as well as great insight into important truths.

The grand trine of Earth is a clear landing ground for what has been waiting to be realized, and now that Jupiter has left the trine, leaving Uranus to disrupt the Bull's preference for 'slow and easy', it's time to lay our eyes on Pluto's job as the destroyer of identities that have overstayed their welcome. A space is already opening for new tangible works expressing new identities, new ways to live, love and prosper.

Cardinal T-Square

Pluto acts as the point of contact between the Kite and the T-Square he holds with the lunar Nodes. It is through him that these aspect patterns interact. Both aspect patterns also have another, more subtle point of contact, which is their point of resolution.

The Kite resolves through Neptune in Pisces. This is where the leading planet finds the challenge and the opening to activate the power of the grand trine. On the other hand the T-Square's 'missing leg' through which it completes the Cardinal Cross, falls in the 12th house, which is 'decorated' by Pisces and Neptunian themes.

Through Pluto these two aspect patterns – both of huge consequence – activate each other, mutually and overwhelmingly supporting a dissolving of ego and egoic structures, especially with regards to the question of identity. The question “Who am I?” has always been a crucial one. Perhaps never as crucial as during the present passage. Collectively this is also a search for what it means to be human.

The Sabian Symbol for Pluto's degree in Capricorn is;

A large aviary

It is not therefore a coincidence that Pluto is acting as a supreme jailer. In an aviary birds – the symbol of freedom – are held in captivity. 'Aviary' is a nice name for 'bird-cage'. At this time the Plutonian energy is very much being channeled through the 'top-down' Capricornian pipeline, which favours the immediate interests of the so-called elites. But this is not the whole story.

The chart presents us with many planets in the fixed modality. This tells us that the energy to be steadfast and determined is available. Resistance without compromise is also a matter of self-respect and dignity. Humanity will not bow to the manipulation of liars.

The Nodes offer us a map and a compass. I shall conclude by trying to convey this map and compass in four points that connect circularly, based mostly but not exclusively upon the sign axis of the nodes in this lunation. These are 1.Trap of the North Node, 2. Remedy of the South Node, 3. Trap of the South Node, and 4. Remedy of the North Node. In this model, based upon the idea that the main point about the nodes is 'integration', each node holds a trap, but also the remedy for the trap of its opposite.

1. Trap of North Node in Aries:

The focus on individual survival at the expense of cooperation and united action.

Impulsive action born of fear and panic; instinctual response to manipulative stimuli.

2. Remedy of South Node in Libra:

South Node represents skills we have inherited from past lives and evolution.

Inscribed in our psyche as humans is the knowledge that survival depends upon cooperation, an attitude of openness to the opposite perspective, and the relative equality of all. Equality is not judged through the unipolar lens in which everyone must have the same amount of the same thing, but from a multi-polar and multi-dimensional perspective in which we meet as equals in acceptance of our differences and different value-systems. The understanding that sometimes compromise is necessary until a real solution is found. As humans we know, deep down, that harmony is the best context for nurturing survival.

3. Trap of the South Node:

Avoiding to accept the actual state of disorder. Being attached to the status quo. Having an attitude that over-emphasizes conservation and the success stories of civilization. Compliance to a system, whether it is a revolutionary one, a religious one, or political. Order at any cost.

4. Remedy of the North Node in Aries:

The North Node represents the area in which we are to practise the skills and powers inherited from the South Node, refine them, evolve them out of bondage to the past.

Acknowledgement of the problem of survival, without idealism. Readiness to face, and even cause, imbalance as a necessary catalyst for change. A focus on immediate need, in contrast to action aimed at future consequence (political, social, evolutionary). Action in the moment. Resistance. The courage to avoid compromise.

May the Force be with you


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