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New Moon and Scout planet (1st April 22)

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Following the impulse given by Jura (1984) and Rowen (NM in Aries), I noticed that the Scout planet for this NM is the god of communication... Mercury!

Short reminder: It’s the planet in your chart immediately emerging before the sun. Or, it is the planet just after the sun, stuck to it with an orb of maximum 3°. It neutralizes the solar ego of the sign, colouring the personality with its potential.

Mercury brings special dynamic to this NM, as it is located in the sign of Mars, putting in action the role of communication on top of the stage. Mars, Venus and the old Saturn are located in Aquarius, all structuring the change of tonality of the world.

The very spiritual Neptune is conjunct to Jupiter, mingling the existence of another realm, more spiritual and the rudeness of an occidental society. Pluto is still swinging between Capricorn and Aquarius, waiting for its time of retrogradation at the end of the month. The conjunction Sun + moon in Aries offer us an interesting battlefield!

After the Great Reset, the Great narrative!

As one can see the flyers plan of creating a new world order, a unique fascist government, has turned to vinegar. The man who wanted to re-engineer the human specie, the devilish Klaus Schwab has written a new book.

The title speaks by itself and fits perfectly with the NM and Mercury as a scout planet.

The flyers don’t really lie, they twist the truth, their dissimulate, they manipulate a big

amount of inorganic consciousness.

Definition of narrative:

* A presentation of real-world events that connects them in a story-like way

* An explanation or interpretation of events in accordance with a particular theory, ideology, or point of view.

According to the path of the warrior, we have to be vigilant. The flyers’ war is all about fake news and twists of reality. If fake information is their weapon, with Mercury scout, real information is our talisman!


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