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New Moon in Aries, 12 th April 2021, 4.30am CET, Malta.

As explained by K in the article “The Art of Numerology: discovering the Portals”, this new

Moon is the first in a series of passages that together form a portal into a new level of well-being for humanity. So this writing is to be understood within this framework, in the hope that it can help the reader make choices that facilitate his or her access to these passages.

General Considerations

As you take a first glance at the chart the thing that immediately hits you is the clustering of most of the planets in the East half. This means that much of the activity is concentrated on the self. However this is only half the story. Warriors can learn more through the acknowledgement of emptiness than through the analysis of things. So this first glance already gives us the clear

indication of a move toward the West, from the density of the self into its dissolution into otherness.

On a second, more thoughtful glance, the chart reveals a serious amount of connections and interlinked aspects, and this culminates in a complexity that is way above the paygrade of all but

very seasoned astrologers. This writing is luckily more interested in pointing out the essence of this new Moon through feeling. Some analysis is however going to be necessary to unpack this

complex chart.

Getting to the Heart of this Lunation

1. The Tensions:

  • It seems that most of the tensions are revolving around Neptune and Pluto. There is therefore very little doubt that this NM is not going to be a walk in the park. Our unconscious is about to be shaken and our inner fragmentation is being invited to manifest itself during the passage between this NM and the full Moon that follows.

  • (Pluto, square to Venus, square to the new Moon, semi-sextile to Jupiter): The process of death and rebirth seems to be either happening independently, and/or in direct tension with our personal drive to expansion. The trap seems to be that of “having to choose” between activating our “spiritual” agenda OR our drive for material success.

  • (Neptune, square to Mars, semi-sextile to the NM): This indicates that this trap is going to be very convincing. A tension between one's emotions, one's dreams/goals, and one's actions are possible. Thus there is a good chance of experiencing confusing and contradictory moves that seem to want to cancel each other out. Like being in a maze.

  • This is however a golden opportunity to become aware of the egoic roots of our intentions and behaviours. Because, in fact, Neptune and Pluto themselves are in a harmonious aspect! This indicates that the way “out” of the maze is itself an illusion. The only way out, in other words, is inward. Paying close attention to the inner structures of our motivations is a good key to mitigate the power of the illusion, and therefore a way to usher ourselves into a more consistent way of acting in the world.

2. The Inward Way, Out of the Maze:

  • (Saturn / N.Node, Trine. Mercury in sextile with both Saturn and N.Node): Mercury is here acting in its full capacity as messenger between the Great Teacher / Lord of Karma (Saturn) and the North Node, or 'the point that marks the opportunity for growth made available to us by this lunation'.

  • Opposite the South Node (which is the point indicating Karma, what we carry in our lives unconsciously because we “know” it as familiar), the North Node is the point where we leave the stagnant patterns of our comfort zones behind and therefore allow the “Present- New” to arise. This is the point where we “become what we are”, “realize our destiny”, call it what you will.

  • (The Saturn/N.Node trine is occurring in the Air signs Aquarius and Gemini): Mercury, the god of communication, intellect and intuition, is acting as a middleman or facilitator in this exchange. His powers are boosted by his placement in the focused and fiery sign of Aries, and by the harmonious sextile to both ends of this trine. (The emphasis on communication is further made by the fact that Mercury is in the 12th house, on a lunation happening on the 12th day of the 4th month of the 21st year of this century. 1+2 is 3. 12 divided by 4 is 3.)

  • 3 is the number of communication. Both the trine and sextile point to the number 3: communication as creative action. These aspects are the most harmonious in both astrology and music.

3. Communication as Creative Action

  • All of the above explodes like a firework feast when you consider the strongest set of aspects in the chart: Jupiter / Mars trine. In the middle of this trine, the new Moon is forming two sextile aspects to Jupiter and Mars. If we are able to act with calm, unrushed courage, this aspect gives us more than we need to move forward despite the possible difficulties.

  • The feeling here is that of easing our way out of old 'algorithms' that impose themselves on our communication, our way of relating and creating. These looping, self-teaching, accumulative patterns obey the dictates of fear and self-interest (thought). Moving beyond them means to put the mind in a position in which it accepts to be re-educated out of its chaos by the inherent order of Reality.

  • In practical terms this means that our unconscious assumption that every action in this world is an act of war or self-assertion is challenged by a new intent. This intent forms our actions to be a humble contribution to the evolution of the All. We can trust that we will be taken care of in the process.


Neptune's hard aspect to Mars in the context of this new Moon indicates a very real trap, and a very real – if difficult – opportunity. To me it indicates a deep current of inevitable transformation in our relationship to Life. In fact, one might go as far as to say that it is precisely this “Relationship with Life” (which implies the existence of the division between “me” and “Life”) that we are being asked to let go of. By simply Being Life. This takes courage and trust.

Here communication becomes an action that happens in a blind-spot of Reason's vigilant gaze, beyond the grip of oppositions, including that of “self-affirmation vs. self-effacement”. We get rid of the religious program. We become Action.

Ciao and may the Force be with us all,


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