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New Moon in Gemini, 30th May 2022, 13.30 CET, Malta

This New Moon comes directly after a series of eclipses in the Taurus / Scorpio axis. We therefore begin to reap the fruits of this powerful passage. As we move deeper into Gemini and into the last days of a Mercury retrogradation, we are facing the themes of communication, duality, and a high level of mental activity. We are likely to come face to face with personal contradictions in the form of inner conflicts and seeming dead-ends in our life-situation. Saturn is in a square aspect to Mercury R and the North Node. It is also in a soft square to Uranus. This set of aspects does point to some energetic tug-of-war.... but we can be confident that an inward turn can help us release the tensions and face the post-eclipse challenges in surprising and fulfilling ways.

A New Moon in Gemini: Potential for Integration

An ungrounded Gemini energy can be very frustrating. Its essence is the number 2, the twins, and we can find ourselves oscillating between contradictory options that all seem to make sense. This might induce a temporary paralysis or uncomfortable confusion.

A Gemini season in which we are able to balance the '1' and the '2' can however be very rewarding, and would ultimately fulfil the true potential of this rich sign. We have the chance to explore new perspectives, and in our time and with presence move beyond perspectives into perception.

A New Moon is a conjunction between the opposite sides of our psyche. This means that there is an understanding between two estranged versions of us. This offers an access to a deeper intuition. The '2' takes on the characteristics of the '1' as a wholeness, a unity. As the 3rd sign of the Zodiac, in the interaction of 2 and 1 Gemini finds its higher purpose:

Integration through Communication.


There is a buzz in the astronomical world about Ceres because of some new discoveries made by experts into its origins. And somehow this fact fits the bill. Ceres's energy is strongly linked to the number 1, but also free of any individualist selfishness. It was the first asteroid to be discovered; on the 1st of January 1801 (1+1+1 = 3). Its diametre is 1000 kms. During this new Moon the mother-goddess, symbol of the nurturing relationship of mother and child, is in the watery sign of Cancer, conjunct Lilith the child-killer. Consistent with Ceres's complex mythology, this conjunction brings the theme of accepting the loss of protected safety and growing into our own individual power. Ceres reminds us that the surrender of our attachments brings back the joy of more authentic relationship.

Balance and Healing

Ceres and Lilith are in a square aspect to Mars and Jupiter, conjunct in Aries. In this conjunction we feel the pure energy of the 1 unbalanced by the 2. It is direct and expansive, very useful during this passage as it leads to recovering part of our personal power. It's in harmonious aspect to the new Moon, providing courage and a good dose of initiative. As Ceres orbits in between these two manly planets, we can try to balance an ambitious single-mindedness with a respect for other people's tempo and rhythm.

The square aspect of asteroids Juno and Psyche to the new Moon suggests that one of the challenges is to face how we suffer betrayal and disappointments, both those coming from others and those we inflict on ourselves. Chariklo, Chiron's feminine counterpart, is in a harmonious trine to the new Moon, and provides the energy of trust, service and reliability; a gentle path to healing from egotism, both our own and that of others. She is the ultimate balance of self-giving and receptivity.

Eros conjunct the new Moon brings a further sweetness and excitement to relationships and creative actions. The concentration of activity in the Western hemisphere of the chart and Psyche's clear view of the crowd from a solitary distance suggests an opening for dreams and insight into our emotions. So we need to strike a careful balance between interaction with the world and being in solitude.

During this new Moon we can gain a deeper understanding of who we are and free our minds of some old and unuseful certainties. By trusting our deeper intuition and moving with confidence in the freshness of the present moment we bring a new flow to our communication and gain the ability to put our intellect at the service of truth.


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