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New Moon in Aquarius, 9th February 2024, 23.59 CET

Updated: Feb 18

Following Pluto's ingress in Aquarius are Mercury, Mars and Venus.  All in the few days around this new Moon, these three most personal planets enter Aquarius, and thus retrace and translate Pluto's move to the personal level.

The fixed sign Aquarius solidifies Martian determination, especially towards themes that Venus represents.  As the personal planets move from Capricorn to Aquarius, artistic projects will find a new vigour, accompanied by the desire to communicate and share what one has created with fellow humans.  The tendency to be too goal-oriented (as Aquarius tends to be) can be met with frustration, however, as Saturn plays a significant role here.  More on this later.

Venus, being the planet of fundamental physical needs and pleasures, also involves money and food supply.  Decisions regarding finance and agriculture, which have been taken with Capricornian arrogance, are in fact being met with warrish attitudes around Europe and beyond.  The elitist powers are tapping into the Saturnian and Martian potentials of deception (nocturnal planets), and in this war both sides seem to be taking their losses and enjoying their successes. 

Mars is however softened by Venusian beauty.  It is a fact nowadays that military projects in the West are facing a serious personnel problem.  Fewer and fewer people are volunteering to go to war; not out of cowardice, but out of the courage to choose life over violence.  The sextile of the planet of war to Neptune, representative of spiritual love, indicates that this kind of decisiveness, felt deeply in one's heart, is a major contributor to the rise of a new Earth. 

The war that needs to be fought now is one that involves personal space, individual freedom, and the highest good of all.  The harmonious achievement of these intertwined goals depends on the primacy of truth. 

Echoing the long-standing conjunction of Eris to the North Node is Chiron.  Humanity shall heal from the lies it has been told, given that it accepts to face them.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, planet of earthquakes and revolutions.  He is in a beautiful trine to Venus during this new Moon; a fact that puts everything we said above on a new level.  All Venusian themes are therefore vehicles for personal revolution, which will become sparks for a wider transformation of the collective.  The stabilization of chaotic energies begins with individuals who are grounded, and quite opportunely, this trine is in the Earth element.

Aquarius is a sign that seeks to make its individual mark, but it seeks to do so with a sincere commitment to the collective.  So the interplay between personal transformation and the transformation of the social, political, financial, and technological order is going to be interesting to watch and experience.  A few days after this new Moon, in fact, Mars and Venus are going to conjunct, offering amongst many other things, a taste of the integration of masculine and feminine energies.  The fact that this happens in Aquarius tells us that it is more than likely that the personal will take a political edge, translating into a new feeling of equality and comaraderie between the sexes.  The forces of attraction (not limited to the romantic) are going to be very strong at this time, and wishes expressed can have more effect. The involvement of Mercury suggests the budding of fresh ideas about the harmonious interdependence of complimentary opposites, and new possibilities for healthy communication between the sexes, as well as inner integration of the polarities, Yin and Yang.

The role of Saturn in Pisces is manifold.  And since the guardian of the personal portion of our solar system is conjunct Gonggong on the new Moon that sets off the Chinese Year of the Wood Dragon, he must be given special attention. 

On one face of the kaleidoscope of possible meanings with regard to Saturn's position, we find the restriction on dreams.  We fear to dream, and there is a frustration with goals that seem to be continuously coming almost to fruition, but never quite there.  This feeling might be exacerbated by the Aquarian memory of Saturn's rule of this fixed sign, a matter of the past, bringing into conflict the fixation on goals on the one hand, and the practical limits of life on the other.

But this position of Saturn in Pisces is also a reality-check regarding our dreams, as well as an invitation to take account of our true willingness to move beyond the limits of the rational mind.  The restrictions experienced, if accepted, can prove to be invaluable spaces of meditation and understanding.  Am I dreaming big enough?  Am I too invested in the detail? Are my plans too ambitious?  Why do I feel conflict within?  On this side of the Saturnian gate the peaceful dissolution of a projected future can happen, and suddenly everything is possible; the limits of thought no longer strangle the future.


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