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Saturation: the dark side of Saturn

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

There is a common vibration to the word Saturn and Saturation. This is not by chance.

Essentially saturation is a term describing various methods used in various disciplines in which a distortion is introduced and fed back in a loop. A thing is given more of itself until it is saturated with itself. With every turn of the loop the thing is less inclined to evolve into a fresh version of itself, and therefore transformation is prevented. Saturation is a way to arrest something in its own reflection, thus depriving it of its subtlety and potential for transformation.

In the culinary arts the process of 'reduction' is a way to make foods and sauces more exciting by unbalancing the ratio of salts, sugars etc against the level of water... making the sauce and the food more densely sugary or salty, and thus more exciting (and more addictive, and more toxic).

I suppose this is considered cool advertising. To a person with any level of awareness this is the 'voice' of the matrix.

In music and audio engineering we have what is actually called 'saturation', a form of harmonic distortion in which the electrical signal from a microphone or instrument is “cooked” (in fact the word used is “hot”) to a point in which it sounds “more real” than the real thing. What exists already in the sound and can be felt by our subtle perception is pushed out into the thin band of immediate perception. While this can be useful to provide depth and enjoyment to a musical piece, if used excessively it has the contrary effect. It provides the illusion that we are getting more out of the sound of an instrument, whereas in fact the subtleties of feeling in the sound and the performance are being destroyed for easier and immediate consumption. Modern audio 'production' packs as much saturation as possible to a sound as this makes it more exciting. It however also makes it more tiring. This is an element of what is called 'hyper-reality' in which what is meant to be perceived by the whole organism is forced into the thin band of rational sense-perception (the realm of the matrix). The extreme use of saturation along with compression (an otherwise useful technology which reduces the dynamic range of the audio) has been rightly described by as a “sonic arms race.” Of course, as you may surmise, this race is driven by ego and economic / systemic ambition.

Advertising and propaganda saturate the minds of people. Through repetition and endlessly repeated themes in movies and medias, ideas and ways of life are endlessly looped into the minds of humanity. Through repeated pressure over many generations routines of every kind saturate our lives. Fear saturates the rare moments when people find themselves alone. This is achieved by constantly looping the same messages, exciting the same fears, blocking people's natural development into predefined and increasingly narrow paths.

With a church on every corner and a chapel in every backyard, in a country where Church schools are the only ones imposing face-masking on children, someone took the trouble to make this thing happen. Disgusting.

One could say that we are living in the age of saturation. Saturation compromises the Water element in life. It makes everything more solid. This is the dark side of Saturn, and reminds us of why traditional astrology nicknames the god of time “the great malefic”. The dark side of Saturn is founded on unresolved karma and psychological time (past that has not been resolved and the resulting preoccupations with the future). This is the area of expertise of the unconscious side of Capricorn in which the flow of change is arrested (or “entertained” if you like) by the endless repetition of the same, the known. This provides the illusion that there is more when in fact the only thing that has actually increased is density. This does not mean that there is more intensity, but simply that there is less space, less freedom, less subtlety.

Starting from the situation we find ourselves in today, with monstrosities like the Great Resent (not a misprint) and the New World (dis)Order, and considering how effective this agenda of manipulation is proving itself to be, we can imagine with confidence that at one point in history someone somewhere cracked the saturation-code. Someone somewhere noticed the enormous manipulative potential of a slow and imperceptible looped feeding-back of the baggage of unresolved human karma. Feed them pain. Feed them pleasure. Feed them fear. Feed them leisure. Feed them scarcity, and promise them abundance. Inject poison and call it protection.

Lure them into a contract and call it freedom.

Feed them grey and call it green.

In our personal lives this feedback loop can be understood as the “mirror of self-reflection”, in which we 'see' only ourselves, and every time we do so we go one step further away from our essence.

The great thing about true villains is that they don't care about you. The lord of the underworld, Pluto, is one such villain. Counteracting the two-faced nature of Saturn and his close ally, two-faced Janus (January, month of Capricorn), Pluto is direct, implacable. He will show you exactly who you are, and in so doing brings you face to face with your illusions, whether you want to see them or not. Pluto is in Saturn's domain in this period. He is bringing up the proverbial elephants in the room, the things we prefer to keep covered up, as a species and consequently as individuals. We are running out of time, and time is Saturn's domain.

Humanity has been saturated with its own artefacts. Many of us are waking up in a desert, dehydrated and weak. It is time to look for an oasis, a source of water, re-gain our subtlety as magical and harmonious beings; and re-gain our access to the lighter side of Saturn where we find the stability of wisdom. But it is very hard to get on our feet and make a move. It is very tempting to go back to sleep. We are tired and shell-shocked. But the ugly truth is that if we do go back to sleep we might never wake up.

We have to find our will and take our chances.


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