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Solar Eclipse in Libra 14th October 2023, CET 19.55

Light Behind the Shadow

A Solar Eclipse happens on a new Moon, when the Sun and the Moon are in conjunction. A new Moon is a time of new beginnings, taking the next step, and setting intention. It is the most 'lunar' lunation, the most feminine and mysterious moment in the Moon's cycle. The womb is empty again, a new possibility is available. A Solar Eclipse is a particularly strong new Moon, with a context of its own (other eclipses), bringing us into an encounter with the more fundamental challenges of our soul's odyssey.


The numerological resonance of this particular solar eclipse with the number 10, the vibration of the month of October (see Numerology Report for October), is something that needs to be pointed out. It signals the centrality of this special event to whatever turns out to be the path ahead.

Time of new Moon: 19.55 CET (1+9 = 10, 5+5 = 10)

Date: 14th October '23

14 / 10 / 23 (1+4 = 5, 2+3 = 5; 5+5 = 10)

10 (1+0) represents the beginning of a new cycle, and also the letting go of identity.

The balance of 1 and 1, as the above numerology indicates, is the numerological representation of Libra, in which 'one' meets the 'other' in the version of relational harmony we call balance.


» January 2020, Covid-19 begins, while Pluto and Saturn are in conjunction at approx. 22° Capricorn. The present solar eclipse is in square aspect to that conjunction, as well as in a T-Square with the current position of Pluto. We are at the gates of a new cycle involving Covid-19.

» Pluto is the master of this eclipse, as he's turning to direct motion after 5 months of retrograde. This also connects this eclipse with Pluto's ingress in Aquarius in January 2024, no small thing. Scientists have also been discovering new things about Pluto. It is very probable that Pluto is part of a binary planet system, meaning that it is coupled with another planet (Charon, previously considered one of Pluto's moons), and that the centre of gravity around which the duo orbits lies outside of Pluto's body. Pluto and Charon are considered as one system in a gravitational balance. This resonates with an eclipse in Libra, and further emphasizes Pluto (and Charon's) central role in this special lunation. It is interesting to note that Charon is the ferryman who is in charge of accompanying souls through the river Styx on the way to the underworld. Here we start the journey with Pluto-Charon from Capricorn to Aquarius.

» This is an annular Solar Eclipse, which means that the Moon will cover most of the Sun, leaving a Ring of Fire. A long shadow, a dark beam, will be cast on Earth; a tunnel of light revealing the shadow within.

The last time a Solar Eclipse happened in Libra was October 2005, and the one before was in October 2004. Since this lunation has a strong connection to patterns carried forward from the past, it would be a very good thing to look into what was happening in and around that period in your life, if that is possible. Diaries, emails, as well as the talent of a good memory (yours or that of someone close) can be very helpful tools for this.

» A map of this Solar eclipse will show that it will be visible for about 5 minutes and will journey down from North America through Central and South America. Being such a karmic eclipse (connection to the nodes) we can see how much of what is happening in the world can be related to the cleansing of the USA's karmic baggage, which is also Europe's baggage at one remove. So this goes deep, very deep, both on a global and personal level.

This eclipse will be balanced by a solar eclipse in Aries in April of 2024. The trajectory of both eclipses intersects on the state of Texas, which can be understood as the 'pivot'. It is interesting to note that it is within this state that the first solid institutional resistances to Central Bank Digital Currency came to light. This is important because the next full Moon will be a lunar eclipse in Taurus. 2023 and 2024 will see the opening of an intense struggle with regards to the foundations of future economies.

Facing the Eclipse, Facing Yourself

Behind the shadow your very own power awaits. Beyond the demands of fate, therein lies your destiny. This Solar Eclipse has joined the lock of Pluto and the lunar nodes by moving into a conjunction with the South Node, exact 4 days after the new Moon. The centre of this activity is the sign of Libra, and of course involves its opposite Aries. So the theme of imbalance vs balance, outgoing action vs still contemplation, ambition vs cooperation, decisiveness vs compromise, impulsiveness vs stagnation, is very much in full activation at this time. But this is a new Moon and therefore the focus rests on Libra. With a new Moon you are offered a relatively clear starting point. In this case we can rest assured that we need to put ourselves in a state of being that counter-balances the aggression of Aries. This doesn't mean that action is not required or desireable. It means that action better arise from a place of calm, and from a feeling of the fundamental equality of all forms. A place of calm is not going to be easy to find, as we can feel quite confused. The challenges have deep roots. To accept the confusion without judgement or panic is a good place to start.

Among the tightest aspects in this chart we find the conjunction of Eris to the North Node and the quincunx of Uranus to the Eclipse. These express very similar energies, uncompromising and not easily handled. But while Eris in Aries can force herself on a situation she is not welcome in, Uranus and the Eclipse must work to find common ground (a quincunx is an aspect in which the players are not offered a common ground through the geometry of the chart). Uranus, the planet of great upheavals, surprises, and utter rebellion, has to put his juices (or some of them) in the service of a unity of opposites, in balance (eclipse in Libra). This means that while Erisian energy is more prone to be used by those with a pre-concieved agenda and will listen to no rhyme or reason, Uranian energy is available to provide the power of rebellion to those who seek balance, and who seek to build a society based on justice, equality, and truth.

Amongst the huge mess that the world is at this time, one of the most belligerent and disgusting acts of pure global bullying is the World Health Organisation's Pandemic Preparedeness Treaty, which will, unless a great surprise happens, impose itself upon the international order as of the end of this month. For the reader who is unaware of this, suffice it to say that the fact that someone somewhere even thought of such a thing is in itself proof that globalist organizations have become a serious threat to everything decent. The way this treaty came about, as well as the tricks used for it to be secretly passed under everyone's noses with the collaboration of mad national leaders, obeys the pattern of the globalist terrorism that we see unfolding every day now. The pattern is simple: set the train in motion and crush anything and anyone that stands in its way. This is Erisian energy being used to impose a pre-defined future. Let's call this program fate.

This Solar Eclipse however is quite consistent across the board in favouring an awakening of a very different kind than the kind of artificial reset globalist organisations are imposing by hook or by crook. This eclipse is putting before us a possibility that the rational mind will immediately reject, but that the heart recognises immediately. It is telling us that even though we all share the same physical space, the reality we experience depends on the kind of vibration we resonate on. On the one end there is fear. On the other there is love. Through facing our fear we enter the vibration of love. From there we create an alternative reality, not as a reaction to the tyranny of globalist madness, but in alignment to intent, in resonance with Truth. Let's call this destiny.

The tight sextile of Salacia and Chariklo brings a beautiful healing energy, connecting Aries and Aquarius in decisive revolutionary action. Pluto is 'liberated' from the nodal lock by its trine to Uranus and sextile to Neptune. Great change is afoot, the revolution to put our dreams in motion takes a new urgency.

Great warriors will tell you that in every fight the first and greatest enemy is yourself. For it is our fear that makes us weak. The opposition of Venus and Saturn has many sides to it. In its higher vibration it provides the opportunity to create new structures that respect and celebrate the beauty of life and healthy relationship

Thank you for reading this article. May the Force be with you.


Suggested exercise:

1. Take your birth chart and check if you have planets or points in the final 6-7 degrees of any Cardinal sign. If you don't know what a cardinal sign is, look it up ;)

2. Pluto is currently in the final degrees of Capricorn (a cardinal sign), and this creates what is called a 'transit' to whatever you will find in your birth chart, as suggested in step 1.

3. The sign and house of the planet or point in your birth chart (as well as the planet or point itself) is an indication of the area in which Pluto is most likely to have an effect in your life, and an indication of how best to deal with it.

4. If you want to go further, you can look into the angle (technically called aspect) between Pluto's current position in Capricorn and anything you have found in the last degrees of any cardinal sign on your birth chart. In this case the options are conjunction, opposition, or square (as the Cardinal signs are separated by a 90° angle). The different characters of these aspects is quite exciting to research and learn about.

5. This understanding can help you zoom into the area and nature of what the universe is offering you personally at this time. Don't look for a full understanding, as this can be frustrating an very unrewarding. Just a clue is enough. Listen to your intuition, it will point you towards what you need to pick up.

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