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Technologies of Self-Importance

Confirming the Self

Have you ever noticed the feeling? You walk into a place and the room 'responds' to your presence by automatically switching on the lights. At that moment, even though the intensity of the feeling grows weaker as we get used to it, your 'selfness' is confirmed, solidified. There is a feeling that a magic has just occurred in your honour. As this becomes commonplace in our societies and buildings, the feeling becomes less perceptible, but the effect of solidification-of-self remains through all the repetitions.

In the grip of this unconscious and stimulated self-importance we might miss both the silliness of it and the epistemological conditioning it installs in the psyche. The external eye that notices us, because of that little surge of pleasure that being noticed gives us, is perceived as innocuous, even a friend. When in fact it is an introduction to surveillance, a way to ween us into being watched, and to enjoy it. Here one can see the neurosis of self-importance as a serious personal weakness that is being exploited and stimulated. If someone or something seeks to control and enslave a human being it needs to attach strings to the self-seeking mind, and it accomplishes that through seemingly harmless 'gifts', impulses, lures, which the mind will grow addicted to.


The decision process is bypassed. And this is the second effect, and another level of how these technologies mold the human psyche into something that is easily controllable. Control, especially the level of control projected by the NWO, is very expensive. It requires vast resources of energy, and true to its own dogmas, control needs to be 'sustainable'. This situation is reached by making the controlled more pliable, less resistant, easier to grip and move around. The technologies of self-importance fulfil this very important function. You cannot decide not to be noticed by the sensor in the room. The decision to stay in the dark is not yours to take anymore. This brings us to the major characteristic of the control-machine that the NWO depends on: Automation.

For the NWO automation is not simply a matter of economics; it is the paradigm that the whole system must tick to, and the most important and hidden result is that human beings will slowly learn how to live with automation and act as automatons themselves. You cannot decide to stay in the dark, or to switch on the switch with your pinky instead of your pointer finger; things that in the secrecy of their aloneness people actually do and enjoy, just because they can. Problem is now they can't.

The Eye / I

In the same way, this automatism that latches on an easy thrill of self-importance comes into play in the new religion of the picture. The external eye infiltrates our psyche through sheer repetition and the little surge of pleasure that being noticed produces in the brain. Thus, as soon as someone feels accomplished by arriving at, say, a nice place with a nice view, it is scarcely a decision that leads them to stick their arm in the bag, pick up their phone, extend their hand, pout the lips, and take a selfie. And, yes, almost forgot, post it of course. Again, here we meet the external eye, multiplied by the mentally constructed infinity of 'potential' views, and confirmed by the likes and comments. Again we see the impulse to confirm the self in terms of image, to install the expectations of the external and impersonal eye into our way of life. Again we become the agents of our own surveillance, as our idea of what others want to see and our need to be accepted work together to create a false 'I'.

The paradigm of the 'sensor', the technology which 'senses' the presence of a body and alerts the system, is a form of 'eye'. Not coincidentally it sounds exactly like 'censor', which is the action of limiting, cancelling, stopping the expression of something because it does not conform to certain rules and preconditions. The sensor, the eye, is there to limit natural human expression, to form an artificial self built on the “rule of the eye/I.” And the lure in the trap, that little piece of cheese that brings in the field-mouse, is self-importance.

Awareness and the Power of Our Decisions

It is useful and necessary for the Warrior of Light to become sensitive to the inner impuses that are triggered by a very clever system. Cars are now built like space-ships, bringing huge and unnecessary power under our vain finger-tips. We can access information, buy almost anything, communicate with our pal in Burundi (and check the colour of his house-door) by pressing a few keys. Our policemen are being given powerful vehicles that produce very violent sounds, programming them into becoming bullies. Children (speaking from a recent experience) are also being rewarded, on stage, in schools, with a certificate of “adherence to regulations.” I kid you not.

But, dear reader, do not gasp. That society in which that certificate is possible is also the one you live in. That system which seeks to mold that poor kid is also molding you in ways that work for you. So let us be aware of the hook of self-importance, as our freedom depends on this awareness. Let's keep the power of our decisions!



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