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The Cat: A Nurturing Presence

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

There are many attributes associated with the Cat, and if you have the honour of being approached by this animal spirit, you are in for a treat!


The Cat enjoys exploring, hunting and playing. There is a lightness in the being of the Cat, always discovering new ways to be having fun and learning about the world around it.

Crossing paths with the Cat might be an invitation to live a fuller life, one in which one listens to the soul's wish to push one's boundaries and have fun in the process.

The Pleasure of the Present Moment:

All this exploring never, however, comes in the way of a

good rest, and plenty of relaxation! With the Cat, in fact, it is always about the Quality of an action, and this arises directly from the Cat's innate ability to “inhabit its body” totally.

When the Cat relaxes it does so deeply.

When the Cat feels threatened, however, one does well to retreat.

When it explores, plays, comes asking for a pet and a rub, the Cat does so with an overflowing joie de vivre.

One cannot but notice the dexterity and precision with which it moves on a cluttered shelf, or how the Cat can catapult itself onto a high surface, frequently with pinpoint precision.

The Cat is not a perfectionist, it just IS. This simple fact gives its actions and movement the taste of a perfection that is not of the mind, but one that arises out of a chiselled, instinctual link to the Now.

The so called 'civilized'; world seems to be designed to trap our attention in wasteful and harmful ways. The body is forced into the prison of an office chair, forgotten and neglected; and we live in our minds, as in a dream of forms and thought-forms.

The Cat has a big and useful lesson to impart.

Very 'Zen':

The Cat is linked to the feminine energy. Its mood is one of acceptance and flexibility.

This results in speed, agility, and the ability to tense up and relax totally in the blink of an eye. It adapts to any given situation without resistance. It enjoys the day and roams the night with equal skill.

The Cat guides a human being into learning how not to carry the past, how to see one's hang-ups and let them drop naturally by the road-side as we journey forward. Unlike the field-mouse (which happens to be a favourite meal for the Cat), you will never catch a cat storing food for the future either.

It is always Present.


The Cat guides towards Sweetness, necessary to learning the Art of Stalking as found in Castaneda's teachings. In the life of awareness one is frequently confronted by very uncomfortable truths about oneself, others and the the world. This can lead to seriousness, isolation, or even morbidity. Sweetness allows the warrior to keep these traps in check.

The Cat, while most widely known for its quiet inner dignity, is in fact extremely nurturing. In my direct experience I once felt a cat knowingly and willingly absorbing a very deep sadness that had taken hold of me. It is capable of great love.

The Cat as a Spirit Guide can lead to a careful opening of one's heart.

The message of the Cat is to find oneself in sensation rather than thought.


(for Poppyseed, you are missed)

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