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The Mouse: Everything at your fingertips

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

A wise animal; the mouse. In some languages it is associated with 'knowledge from experience' acquired from old age and also to being 'Quiet'.

This animal quietly gets on with its business and accomplishes its objective without getting even noticed ... We would hear much more screaming around if this weren't true 😜

Being Attentive and Present:

The mouse reminds us to pay attention to those things that are usually overlooked in our ways to reach our ambitions. The most obvious is sometimes overlooked. Therefore, the mouse symbolism is asking you to be presently attentive to what is right at your fingertips; work on that, and only on that.

Maybe you are trying too hard, doing too many things at the same time.

This spirit animal presents you with the path of observation. It squeaks: "See and then DROP the unnecessary; put your energies in focus."

All those neglected opportunities that surround you might only then NOT go unnoticed. You will learn how to achieve ‘big’ things by working on the 'little' things.

Gathering knowledge through experience, dropping fear:

The mouse makes a good meal for so many other animals and poor thing, ranks considerably low in the food chain. If he were to worry about all them predators, he would spend every moment of his entire life in constant fear waiting for them to appear. There wouldn't be any time for him to even wink or take a nap.

So, the mouse spirit animal puts himself out there by giving more importance on living his life to the full. He understands that by paying very close attention to what is nearby; his instinct is at full power, warning him of any other dangers that would be about to happen.

He then makes use of this gathered experience in creating the right environment for his loved ones to thrive in. Regardless of the resources at his disposal, he is able to create a comfortable home.

People with the mouse totem can survive in the hardest of circumstances possible. They know how to use their environment to boost their resources.

The mouse spirit animal advises you to come out of your hiding. Not to spend most of your time running away in fear of "real and imagined enemies".

You learn not to allow insignificant problems to rob you of your present joys.


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