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Together, on the Path with Heart



    Dear Peaceful Warrior, Welcome,

 As you may imagine there are no coincidences and everything happens in this mysterious world according to a subtle network.

On this blog nobody is going to find miracles or a super personal development program leading you

to the so called 'top'.

We can only help you to help yourself.

Our intent is to bring the message of awareness to the world without artifice.

We deeply wish to connect to each other on a journey through the path with a heart.


                             May the Force be with you,


Sparkles of Awareness

Short texts based on explanations of Carlos Castaneda and Eckhart Tolle concepts along other personal experience.

This section avoids heavy systems or concepts which are always cut-copied from other systems. 

Walking on the

Wild Side

Ways that we all come across and feel, but sometimes we fail to see our own path. Fear and conditioning helps to distort our perceptions. Here we share some of the experiences that might be of guidance. 


Spirit Knocks

If you feel a bit strange, seeing a few 'coincidences' occurring, or for example you check the time on your watch, and it’s 17h17. Then the Spirit is knocking on your door.

of the 

A zen master called Taïso was asked by one of his student:
- What is meditation really?
- Dynamic stillness, replied the master.
A bit surprised the young guy added:
- How come stillness can be dynamic?
- By meditating, replied Taïso.


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