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Voice of Infinity



Coming from nowhere,

There’s a voice I can’t hear.

Coming from my deep fair,

There’s a voice I could hear


The voice of infinity

The voice of liberty!


Can you feel the silence?

Graved on your stance.

There’s no way to express the dance,

There’s no word to explain the sentence…


The voice of infinity

The voice of liberty

The voice of infinity, now…


Now I can see the difference

Between sound and silence.

I can feel that destiny,

Listening to the voice of infinity.


Within my memory

Comes a new victory.

Inside my soul

The Owl appears.


I want to be this voice,

The voice of destiny,

The voice of infinity!


I try to escape from reality,

I want to travel into vacuity…

Feeling pleasure

To find that treasure:


The mystery of infinity

The story of gravity!


It’s time to show humanity

There’s something totally

Full of mystery)


The voice of infinity

That no one can describe

But we can all realize


There’s a wind of eternity,

The voice of infinity….



Coming from nowhere

There’s a voice in my nightmare

Coming from my intimate dream

There’s a voice running like a stream


The voice, The voice of infinity


A passage to a new reality

The voice of infinity

The voice of infinity


After my last dance

I want to hear this inner silence


Forgetting my own story

Forgetting the worst of humanity


One with myself

Two with you

Listening for the last time

To the sound of a lifetime


The voice of liberty

The voice of infinity….

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