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Every morning I look at the train,

My eyes escape from the window,

There’s a track I can follow,

Fast like a train,

I want to find a way back.


No more language to express my mood,

Lost in the office of these fools,

I can hear a whistle in my ears,

The train stops at the station,

All the passengers go to the exit.


Is there a gate I can’t see?

Is there a light I can’t see?

Is there a place I can’t see?


No words yesterday,

No speaking today,

No communication tomorrow,

I am working like a machine.


Is there a human being on the phone?

Can we talk about life?

I am listening to a call center,

No warmness in the voice.


In this materialistic world,

Can we talk about joy?


In this impersonal society,

Is there a space for humanity?



Can we stop chatting about the mess?

No matter for numbers,

No matter for bankers,

No matter for brokers.



There’s a step I can’t skip,

A call center is inside myself,

An inner voice answering the phone.



What a new experience,

Without the help of science,

Just go with the flow,

Don’t follow the crowd,

But open your mind,

You can do it yourself!



Connected with your real center,

Find a spring of knowledge.

Even in the middle of the desert,

You are united with yourself.



Listen to the core,

To the silence of nature.

Close your eyes,

And enjoy your smile.



Keep the line,

And burn the old files,

Forget the machine,

And bless the being.



Forget the past,

Find your way back.

Search for your future,

Enjoy the track of time.



Call your deep self,

No more emergency in your mind.

Stop the inner fight,

Let’s dive in the night.



Remember before your birth,

The particle of freedom,

Which was in your heart.



This is the pure continuity

Of your awareness.






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