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Meditation on a noisy terrace


A loyalty that frees you

To take back your embrace

To hold the sight of her beauty

Whatever she says


A preference for pleasure

A desire without chain

A feast of sweetness

That will never know pain


Fingers and ears

That see through the dark

Eyes that unleash

The sorcerer's spark.

To find the field where battles

Lay their heads to die

To wake up to the sound of laughter

And never forget to cry.


To know silence in a world of noise

To live with purity in the plague

To be joyful in the serious man's world.


To see no-thing in a world focused on things

To live with lightness where worry thrives

To hear the heart while the mind bellows.


To act with stillness

To destroy with love

To break the agitation

With a silent laugh


To look deep into the abyss

And keep the light inside

To dance with the devil

And gently stroke his hide


To fear not your power

Else your soul it will devour


To be totally here

And yet absolutely absent

A light that won't be wounded

For it gives everything its assent


To ride on the untenable

And flow with the unstoppable

To turn the tides on evil

By never trying to be good


To go where your heart points to

Without conception or belief

To learn from the dove

And steal from the thief


To live abundantly

In a world of scarcity

To avoid at all costs

The temptations of sanctity


To Nurture:

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