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Metamorphosis of the Cockroach



It’s 4 o’clock in the morning,

Time to wake up,

Time to move up…


It’s 4 o’clock in the morning,

Like every day I have to be on time,

I have to move my ass.


I’m a cockroach

Working in the world of insects,

I’m busy like a bee

It’s very difficult, very difficult to be!




It’s 5 o’clock in the morning,

I’m going to the factory,

Like every day for years.



My breakfast is made with routines,

I’m a cockroach living in the world of insects,

I can’t see the difference.



Between night and day,

All I want to do

Between night and day,

Is escaping from reality.

Between night and day,

Wishing to be someone else,

A human in a world of humans.




Today I’m off,

But I’ve decided to go out,

A journey inside me,

To find a new reality.



Am I a cockroach,

Living in the world of insects?

Am I still alive?

Where is my soul?

Is there an exit to mental slavery?




All these questions in my mind,

No answer for who I am,

All these answers I can’t find

All my thoughts keep showing me something:





It’s time to go ahead,

Forgetting my cockroach state,

It’s time to leave this boring life,

Pull away my cockroach skin.



I want to be free

In a world of insects,

Finding wings

For my eyes to fly.




The cockroach has disappeared

I recover my human stature,

I breathe freely to forget my past

The cockroach is gone.


My mind is empty now,

And my life entirely open,

My smile is huge,

And the world is big.




My time is precious,

My life gives me pleasure,

My heart is free,

My freedom begins.




I am a new man,

And the world is fun

The cockroach made his move,

And gave us his song.



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