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A Few Words About The Flyers

Carlos Castaneda and Armando Torres often mention in their book the existence of cosmic predators called the Flyers. In this very disturbed world of productivism, pandemism, criticism, existentialism, mysticism, exagerationism..any word finishing with « ism », we need to have an enlarged vision of what is happening behind the curtains.

The so called Flyers have their reps on Earth, all of them receiving their part of inorganic consciousness (I should say 'level of manipulation') to play an insane symphony on the harmonious stage of the world.

I find this extract from « Encounters with the Nagual », very simple to understand and able to sum up what one can give as a definition to the word « flyer ».

In exchange for our energy, the flyers have given us our mind, our attachments, and our ego. For them, we are not their slaves, but a kind of salaried workers. They bestowed these privileges on a primitive race and gave us the gift of thinking, which made us evolve; indeed, they have civilized us. If not for them, we would still be hiding in caves or making nests on treetops. ''The flyers control us through our traditions and customs. They are the masters of religion, the creators of history. We hear their voice on the radio and we read their ideas in the newspapers. They manage all our means of information, and our belief systems. Their strategy is magnificent. For example, there was an honest man who spoke of love and freedom; they have transformed it into self-pity and servility.

The so called « rulers of the world » are in fact the reps of the flyers (illuminati,

satanists…jacks of all trade).

The most important is not to give them their food. At the moment they feed on fears, planning to put the vibration of the Earth very low, at their level=the level of the beast=surviving.

Living is a different matter of fact and we all have to be aware of our heart chakra which the highest vibration of the human being. Unfortunately the reps of the Flyers have no perception of the heart chakra. They are all focused on mental (dis)abilities.

So, all united in the deep frequency of harmony, they won’t affect us.

And as our friend Sanja from Macedonia used to say « No pasaran ! »

May the Force be with us.


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