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A few words about the WESAK.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Wesak is the high point of the spiritual year. Legend speaks of a sacred ceremony in which the Buddha, the Christ and enlightened Beings at the heart of all faiths deliver a special blessing to the world. As we link with this event, a great channel of light is created that uplifts all life.

The Wesak Festival" takes place every year on the day when the Buddha – at the full moon in Taurus – (

axis-scorpio---taurus-16th-may-2022-6-14-cet-malta) brings the divine blessing of Shamballa to Christ, who connects him to humanity through the hierarchy. An old tradition tells that the Buddha made the decision, thanks to an extraordinary experience, to leave once a year his high place of operation to return to the Earth and bless it.

There will also be very large moon emanations. Venus too will have a very important role in the consciousness of Love and also in your creativity in beauty, that is to say that you manage to conceive beauty more.

No need for big words, no need for big sentences! All you have to do is open your heart and be in receipt of what the Universe will deposit in you.


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