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Approaching the autumn equinox, I wanted to write a few lines about the topic. Wishing to find out new tracks for the ones who are walking on a path. It seemed important to me to deliver a message from our pagan ancestors.

In his book titled la Force des Celtes (the Force of the Celts), Paco Rabanne talks about a very interesting topic: the collective unconscious, inspired by CG Jung.

On page 12, the fashion designer who is also a medium writes about his origins. Born in Spain, his real name is Francisco Rabanera Cuervo, having a Celtic ancestry from his mother. He also explains that Cuervo means Crow and that this animal has always been important in Celtic and Nordic legends. He mentioned the belonging to a tribe ,which had the crow as a totem animal.

This is the first step. The most interesting part is on page 52, as the author argues that the Celtic/Druidism spirit survives in our collective unconscious. This, for me was a confirmation, as I am also having Celtic ancestors from my mother's branch and it has always survived against all odds, knowing the catholic education that I had received and rejected.

Our archetypes are part of our spiritual survival instinct.

On a shamanic level, it is interesting to see the signs, coincidences and synchronicity showing our pagan spirit. Not only having bought this book in the 2000’s, I have always been attracted by

the runes and the Celtic Tree Astrology. Meeting Irish guys in Vilnius, with whom I became friends quickly, as if we knew each other for ages... this winter 2021, my mother gave me a press article about hunters with my grand father pictured with his mates. The title of the article is ‘sous le signe du sanglier’(under the sign of the wild pig). I immediately made the connection between this animal and the possible emblem of a Celtic tribe who had lived in the Alps, region of the wild pigs. Being quite often in a second attention when hiking in the woods, I can see runes on trees or on stones...reminding me of the pagan ancestry. It was the same in Vilnius where the runes appeared in many part of the city.

In summer, let’s say end of July, I was in touch with a friend of mine, a beautiful Irish woman surely linked to the O’Donnell clan from Ireland, loved carrier...that I haven’t met in 5 years. She was residing for a short time in the Alps, 50 kms from my village (Crots),ready to pack and re-find her emerald island. Unconsciously she spent some time on a land where her collective ancestors had lived. Unfortunately I couldn’t meet her again as she only spent 5 days before coming back home. But the Celtic spirit crosses the frontiers.

So for the ones who don’t want to surrender facing the pharmaceutical army, I have good news: your pagan spirit has been awaken. Only the religious prayers are giving up and taking their injection, bowing in front of the new inquisition. The pagans never accept submission. May the spirit of your ancestors give you a sign for this equinox!


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