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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

With the New Age and its abundance in spirituality, the words “chakra”, “vortex”, “alignment” have become part of a common (spiritual) language. Everybody masters these concepts using different practices, Yoga, Taï chi, Qi Qong, meditation, visualization, and so on.

And what about the shamanic use of these fields of energy?

In the beginning of the 2000’s, my teachers found that the distribution of the chakra colours also depend on our conditionings. The perfect chart, if I may say so, is very rare. It can be compared to having the planets in their own sign in one's astrological birth chart: Mars in Aries, Mercury in Gemini, Moon in Cancer, Sun in Leo etc... Of course it can happen but, once again, it is very rare.

Regarding the chakras, we noticed that the original colours (as in the image below), might be modified by our education, conditionings, birth chart, our pain body.

Here are the colours in their original chakra placement:

And how do I discover my personal energetic field?

First, by trusting the Nagual, and then by being practical. Just take 7 pencil-colours, in accordance with the 7 colours of the vortex, and shuffle them. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, have the intent to discover your energetic composition..

It is somehow more comfortable to do it with a friend, as every time you pick a pencil, he/she can write down the colour for you. But anyway, alone is ok!

Think about your root chakra area, pick a pencil, think about your navel chakra area, then pick a pencil…until you pick the last pencil.

Look at the order of the colours and note it down. Then you can draw the outline of a body and colour in where the colours belong. This will be your personal energetic constitution as formed by your upbringing, conditionings, birth chart, our pain body) To go a bit further, you can also discover your dominant colours. Shuffle the pencils, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and pick a pencil 7 times, as you did for the previous method, this time however, putting back the pencil in the pile every time before you pick again. Write the colour every time on a paper, or let a friend do it for you. Then you’ll get 2 dominant colours, which will be the two colours you have picked up most frequently. If you don’t find a dominant, that’s not a big deal, you can use all the colours.

What’s the challenge?

Very simple. The colours you got are filters, which means that before you can have access to the original colour of the chakra, you have to access the one you have picked for that chakra. It’s a challenge that will tackle your awareness of your body. Of course this process involves a lot of understanding. Time and experience will make the difference.

Simple tip: where there’s the blue= emotions, fears but also the area of communication. Green= feeling. Red, Yellow= action…Orange= creativity. Indigo=conceptualization.

Once again, the Nagualist path does not rely on a system, but uses it, shapes it, and makes it personal.

Use your intuition, feel new.

Be patient.


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