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Following the tracks, tricks, twisted roads, narrow shortcuts, square roundabouts… of this Mercury Retrograde (31st Jan-21st Feb 2021), I knew it was time for me to emancipate myself from “programming”, conformism and fixity of a system.

After 30 years of dedication to a classical numerology made by unchanged cycles, this Mercury R showed me another path. On a Sunday in a sunny city of Provence called Manosque, I had a walk and discovered a panel, more precisely an advert on a door:

The path of the Mat/Fool. Mrs C.C. Tarot card reader & sophrology.

My mind made a dance and I immediately thought about the 22 cards of Marseilles tarot.

From another side, having a very deep look at the last New Moon in Aquarius (11.02.2021), I was mixing, mingling and distributing the cards of the tarot to myself. Then came a kind of intuition that I was mistaken about the cycles of 7,9 and 10 years. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Pushing my unnatural investigations a bit further down, I realized that this New Moon in Aquarius (Chinese New Year of the Ox) was the counter part of …the last eclipse (NM) of the 20th century that occurred on the 11.08.1999.

Very simple: the NM of the 11.08.1999 was in Leo. The NM of the 11.02.2021 was in Aquarius, the opposite sign, both part of the fixed cross.

What a coincidence! I had to consider the possibility of a karmic cycle of 22 years, never mentioned in numerology books, following the Marseilles Tarot cards…one by one. From number 1 to number 22 or 0 as sometimes the Mat/Fool is number 0. From 1999 to 2021= 22 years divided in 2 cycles of 11 years.

This 2021 year should be the gate to emancipate ourselves from a part of our karmas, especially for the old ones. The ones born in the 90s don’t have so much to cleanse, but enough to be aware of their potential.

We all have been lured by the system, pushing us to think about 2012 as the end, the year of the Apocalypse, with New Ages stories, the Mayan prophecy, the end of the world. So, let’s think about a (new) beginning of a (new) world in 2021. How strange, 2021 is mirroring 2012!

Sometimes it’s good to play the fool…


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