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Hi fellow Warriors, how are you! Following my mood of the moment, I decided to write a post on this “is a bit of a too much mediatized pandemic”.

In my daily morning gait of power, I was thinking about the huge amount of conditioning freely distributed by the medias.

In France the country is facing a vaccination campaign, and the government is talking about a vaccination strategy, curfew, restrictions… we all think to deal with a kind of insidious war.

To be stuck in the country of bread, cheese and wine is not so bad, as life is quite comfortable for consumption: bars, restaurants, theatres, cinema, skiing stations are all closed. But supermarkets are open, helping us to be fully aware of the fact that: we can still buy bread, cheese and wine…

So curfew till 6.00pm, making opening hours for all creatures from 6.00am till 6.00 and no more than 6 pax per meeting! Making my inner voice yell to the conspiracy (666) of the system (devil).

So, let me bounce on the covid19 case, probably the case of the decade, as we just started the 20’s of the 21st century.

Following some deep research from the point of view of theosophy anthroposophy and naturopathy, I found a real and very interesting convergence: the pineal gland.

Described in many occult texts as the core and dynamic centre of all the glands, the pineal gland is also linked to the crown chakra. If we translate corona into crown, we have a part of the solution.

A Canadian naturopath, wrote that some products designed to keep the vaccinations in motion (conservative) are toxic and could lead to crystallize the pineal gland, which means, in a shamanic vocabulary “designed to block perception” and to slow/paralyze the third eye as well.

Shall we consider that the “flyers industry” (the lab owners) are planning to domesticate ordinary human beings with their magical potion called vaccination?

Shall we consider that the magical remedy is not so magical, and can affect all the immune system and, as if that weren't enough, the entire metabolism?

Shall we consider that the pharmaceutical industry's intent is not really that of curing the patients, but of benefitting from human weakness (fear of the disease for example)?

Shall we consider that a Resistance has been created in parallel to this plan of manipulation orchestrated by all these Jacks of all trades?

There’s a trap, no need to fall inside. We’ve seen it! That was my mood of the day on the 12th January 2021.


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