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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

I really like to watch modern movies, Americanized with hot chilli pepper bathing in a homemade sauce of fiction. A few days ago, I watched SPECTRE, the glorification of 007. I was surprised without being intimidated in hearing about the "new world order" and seeing the dark conspiracy around a table where the rulers of the world tried to rule the world in their own way.

Even if SPECTRE was filmed in 2015-2016, one has to recognize the fantastic anticipation of the destruction of the planet by bad people. In fact what should be described as a fiction shows a hidden reality, which lies under the surface totally ruled by what one can call the "new world order", the matrix, the system, the flyers.

There's another movie, Jason Bourne, showing the world under surveillance, the promotion of control. No comment about this one, we have to understand the conspiracy.

In their books Castaneda and Torres both mention the Flyers as dark shadows fed by all the negative emotions of human beings, wanting to domesticate humanity.

In this fast and furious 21st century, (sometimes) reality reaches fiction. The so called dark shadows, are also fed by their self-importance, and have the arrogance to introduce themselves to the public without being seen...but being watched.

Everybody has to understand the subliminal message of the movies, having in mind the saga of Star Wars where the "empire" wants to dominate the galaxy. But unfortunately for the Flyers, their human form is too weak to take control of everything, the Resistance has been very vigilant. Do not fall in their trap; never let go to your fears, and do not swallow their fake beliefs.

When there's a virus, there's an anti-virus. Presence and confidence in the Force / Intent will erase all the pollution coming from these dark shadows.

Now we must believe in ourselves and in our power of liberation. And this is an amazing anti-virus.


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