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Full Moon + Eclipse in Gemini, 30th November 2020

10:29am (CET) Malta

A time to discover different aspects of our duality. A time to let go of what is not useful anymore, and open to the New.

Neptune, Mars and North Node

The Double: There is a subtle part of our totality that can be created and discovered. It has a direct connection with our nagual side, a kind of spiritual guide and traveller. It understands and experiences things that are forbidden to the intellect. Through the Double we have access to our inner Unity. Through facing our fears (the deep sea of the unconscious) we open our heart (gain access to the Double, travel our true Destiny, find Joy and Love).

We have a perfectly consistent set of aspects to the North Node:

• Neptune, in its rulership in Pisces, the purest expression of the Water element and the feminine polarity, is in a Square aspect to N.Node.

• Mars in Aries, also in its rulership; the most primordial expression of the Fire element and the masculine polarity, in Sextile aspect to N.Node.

This is all happening in the context of a Lunar Eclipse which, like the N.Node, deals with the manifestation of our Destiny. But before any Destiny can flower, the 'bad weeds' of Fate (the scripts we obey) must be left behind.

The square aspect limits the flow of the water, and this indicates the need to let go and experience some loss before cleansing can take place and a direction can be identified. To disidentify from a habit, an opinion, a relationship, a fear, a resentment, an 'image' of oneself or another etc.

The sextile element calls for action, as it is an aspect that needs to be activated. Action is right up Mars' alley. So we are in good hands. But be gentle. An eclipse is already very hard to deal with in and of itself.

In fact, identifying weeds and doing away with them is action of the highest quality. Through becoming acutely aware, and thereby gently getting rid of what is no longer needed, we are actively sealing our energy drains, creating order out of chaos, thus promoting the healthy formation of our Double.

Schizophrenia – the dark side of Gemini

A few days ago I was watching an interview with one of the rising intellectuals of our time.

It was a flash, it came and went very fast; a kind of knowledge that this guy had his Sun in Gemini. It was so clear that I knew it wasn't a 'wild guess'... so I googled him, and sure enough Gemini he is.

This knowledge came from something deep and unknown to me, but the trigger was clear. This person has a heightened sense of the duality of existence and is an amazing communicator, but above all he keeps oscillating mentally between two positions, often contradictory, until the energy available for enquiry produces nothing but questions and 'food for thought'.

If we take a sincere and sharp look at ourselves – which is, by the way, exactly what this Sun/Moon opposition demands – one of the things that will eventually hit us, appall us, and finally scare us, is the immense contradictions and conflicts that manage to co-exist within us. This is because the mind is always looking for solutions, but is always looking in the wrong places for material with which to build them. It is always looking at what it already knows, re-arranging, re-shuffling, re-packaging. So we seek pleasure and always end up desolate. We feel that we have seen the right way, and walk the other way the next day. Love our children and burden them with our secret frustrations. We have this feeling of exhilaration and love for life, and yet refuse to live it in practice, creating laziness, depression and generalized anxiety. We feel disgusted by violence, and yet sow its seeds in our daily activity. We are able, and yet fail to concretize. And so on.

The Way Out

With the philosophical abilities and determined courage of Sagittarius, powered by an eclipse (that also, by the way, has its double and feminine counterpart in the next New Moon's eclipse), we are nicely placed to face our schizophrenic lives. We are going to discover the manner in which the past first manufactures the problem, and then, through thought, presents a solution. What we are always left with is a choice... a fake choice, to be more precise. The 'problem' and the 'solution' are only two polarities of the same neurosis. And it is the mission of thought to hide that neurosis under an increasingly complex web of thinking, inner dialogue, and preoccupation. Left unattended, the neurosis is free to create conflict and havoc in our lives and in the little corner of the Universe we inhabit.

The connection with the Double, our Nagual side, comes through silence. The beginning of silence is the cessation of thought. This is the gate to Intimacy, which is Unity; a Remembering that goes beyond everyday duality. There is great transformational potential in the opposition Venus (in Scorpio) and Uranus R (in Taurus). The Bull is determined, a little cumbersome, but very passionate and focused; and since he likes Venus, his queen, he complements and balances her dreamy floating in Scorpio, allowing her longing for a deep intimate connection to bear fruit.

During this important passage, if we allow ourselves to be in true and nurturing aloneness, we enter deeply into our emotions, and thereby transform ourselves, develop our ability to express and communicate, and thus expand our horizons.


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