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Full Moon in Leo, 28th January 2021

20:16 CET, Malta

For the Sake of Our Sanity

“At such moments I was sometimes overcome with great restlessness...and I kept fancying that if I walked straight on, far, far away and reached that line where the sky and earth meet, there I should find the key to the mystery, there I should see a new life a thousand times richer and more turbulent than ours. I dreamed of some great town like Naples, full of palaces, noise, roar, life. And I dreamed of all sorts of things, indeed. But afterwards I fancied one might find a wealth of life even in prison.”

Myshkin in F.Dostoyevsky's “The Idiot”.

When you go into a state establishment in order to change some details on your ID card and you are asked to put your index finger, first left, then right, on a machine that is going to record your fingerprint and store it in the system forever, then you begin to realize the extent to which the societies we live in have come to resemble prisons. This Full Moon is an invitation to this formidable test; to live sanely in a world that has gone completely bonkers. This will involve a serious commitment to a high level of understanding, as without it we become prey to the inorganic consciousness, the negative, vampiric aspect of the machinery of the 'system'.

T-Square +

Mars and Uranus are in conjunction and are both forming a T-Square aspect to the Full Moon and Jupiter. This is a complex array of forces and one must discover the specific ways in which it affects him/her through self-observation. Uranus is the connecting link between the T-Square and Saturn. This set of aspects spells inevitable trouble and conflicts of all kinds, inner and outer.

While Saturn and Uranus are intensely pushing against each other, Restriction/System vs. Revolution/Expression, Mars (also conjunct the Black Moon Lilith) and Jupiter, each in their own way, are intensifying the desire for individual and collective freedom. The balance would be tipped strongly in favour of a disruptive violence were it not for Jupiter's conjunction to the Sun and its clear view of the egoic trappings of Leo's Moon.

This energy of Aquarian objectivity and amazing revolutionary intellect, however, must be allowed to arise; and for this to happen, Reason - individual and collective - must accept to be re-educated by the deeper and vaster intelligence of our Silent Side. Otherwise we risk falling into the trap of Leo's desire to shine whether or not he has something useful to contribute.

Here, Neptune's square aspect to the Moon's nodes comes as good and bad news at once. Both Gemini (N.Node) and Pisces (Neptune) are double signs, connected with bringing the deep knowledge of our silent side to bear on our daily lives, which is the true meaning of destiny.

Neptune, squaring the South Node invites us to rediscover our curiosity and sense of exploration by inquiring into our dependence on teachers and teachings, on 'knowledge' that we have not verified but simply “hold on to” perhaps out of fear... and on outmoded ideas about what freedom is or should be.

Being a square aspect this move might be difficult, even impossible for the time being. Just add it to the list of restrictions that plaque this passage. Mercury turning retrograde in a couple of days is a positive twist to this saga, perhaps making the impossible possible.

Mercury's Magic, Leo's Shine

But before, a word of warning regarding a troubling but very revealing aspect; the semi-sextile aspect between Mercury in Aquarius and the Conjunction Venus / Pluto in Capricorn. In a semi-sextile aspect the planets involved have completely incommensurable agendas, or so the theory goes. The way I feel it is this: The intellect (the tricky, side of Mercury) is going to focus on systemic problems, the need for radical change in societal structures. The mind will be at war with itself, reflecting and enforcing the square tension of Aquarius' two rulers; Saturn (past), Uranus (present).

On the other hand, and completely unchecked by an inattentive mind, Pluto is demanding a seriously profound metamorphosis in the area of relationship, creativity and self-importance.

The intellect is going to risk trying to satisfy a deep emotional hunger without actually listening to what the body is trying to express, in the process creating alienation through possibly karmic, sexual and emotional traps, neediness and manipulation, which create isolation, more frustration, and loneliness.

Luckily, Mercury turning retro soon is a vital indication, and a move to be fully embraced for the sake of our sanity. The inward turn that Mercury R ushers in refocuses the motivation of Mars, Lilith and Uranus to an Inward Revolution, perhaps reversing the uneasy relationship with Pluto's demands. Intuitively, and with the boost of objectivity that Jupiter is in a position to provide, we can then explore the truth of Love, the pleasures of creativity (where Leo truly shines), the traps of self-importance (Leo's favourite trap). Empowered by the implacability of these uncompromising forces we then find the courage to embrace a radical metamorphosis, open our hearts to Beauty; a return to Nature and the Feminine. It has been said that When you are not, Love is... perhaps no better way to put into words the conjunction of Venus and Pluto in Capricorn during a Full Moon in Leo!!

So, to conclude

It is likely that for some time our dreams and expectations, the freedoms we cherish and have earned, will be brutally crushed. The world and the 'system' is in the grips of a systemic terror and is acting in a monstrous fashion, perpetuating the problems it thinks it is trying to solve. To gain a deeper and clearer understanding of our situation is our only weapon, for it is useless and even catastrophic to cut off one, two, or ten of Hydra's heads. For each head we cut off, two new ones will grow. The monster gains power through reaction, anger, frustration, pride and fear. We must stay with the fact that we (human beings) are the monster's host, and that this makes us the field within which the solution is to be found and implemented. Then we can starve or finish the monster by embracing deep and lasting change within ourselves, thus reviving the Aquarian hope of fair and useful systems.

On a purely individual level, a clearer and deeper understanding will likely lead us to appreciate the simple power of fun and creative action. The restrictions of this prison can be used and turned in our favour, forcing us to rediscover a simpler array of joys and pleasures that edify the soul, free the mind, and strengthen the body. The joy of presence is unpalatable to the monster.

We can only find out the answer to the question “How do we live sanely in an insane world?” if we save enough energy to see. And this is a task we must face together, alone.


Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys, released on the 10th October 1966

may the Force be with us all,


Numbers: 05.07.2020

0+5+0+7+2+0+2+0 = 16 = 7

(repeated from last years full moon in July)


The numerology number 16 is a number of introspection. It's wise, intuitive, and tends to be independent. The number 16 is both spiritual and analytical, a philosopher with sound arguments. It tends to look for and find answers within from a well of contemporary and ancient wisdom. It can be somewhat of a perfectionist, especially in its demands of itself.

16 is self-determined and intuitive and confident with its inner wisdom. It tends to be perceptive and able to analyze problems to find viable solutions. Scientific analysis is an intrinsic talent.

The energy of 16 tends to resonate especially well when alone to think a problem through to its best solution. It also resonates well with making decisive goals and pursuing them. And being a solution-finder for others.



The symbol of number 16, in Marseilles tarot, the TOWER announces a fall down of an old edifice = our fake system based on corruption from money, rules and laws from dictatorships… will be shaken; We all have to build a new world made with a higher level of conscious. To see the conditionings of the system (Matrix) and to follow our own path.


Number 7 represents a chariot on which is perched a crowned character, symbol of triumph and success. the Chariot represents the movement. Quite an interesting Martian energy: confidence, commitment, initiative, self-control, but also risk-taking, strength, determination and inner balance.

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