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Full Moon in Sagittarius 23rd May 2024 15.53 CET

Jupiter conjunct Venus in Taurus, acting in unison as scout planets.

A love of the Earth, a joyful appreciation of the great Mother, a faith in her silent wisdom and ample generosity. Allowing an awareness of this kind to arise within us is a good antidote to the agenda-driven doom and gloom that corrupt media keep spewing. If humans are on Earth, then Earth has a use for us. There is no need to panic, only to respect the natural (sacred) rhythms of our home without interfering with the fear and greed so characteristic of a materialist and disconnected world-view.

Confidence in creative acts and projects is likely to get a good and welcome boost. Best to ride the wave. As both Jupiter and Venus move from Taurus into Gemini, we find the opportunity to drop some attachments to material security and fear of change, bringing flexibility and adaptibility to our way of life.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, opposite sign of Gemini. As scout planet Jupiter is about to challenge Gemini's duplicity and its tendency to 'miss the forest for the trees'. There is a sense in which Sagittarius and Gemini are interrogating each other during this full Moon. Gemini wants Sagittarius to be less dogmatic, while Sagittarius is demanding of Gemini to stop playing games with truth. The influence of Venus makes this mutual interrogation a little sweeter, more like a creative exchange between two opposite and complimentary characters in a play. We can observe this exchange within our soul and mind, as well as our interactions with others.

Jupiter is still carrying the revolutionary and explosive energy from the conjunction with Uranus

Both planets of truth, Jupiter and Uranus will be challenging the status quo from their different standpoints. Jupiter will move into Gemini soon after the full Moon, carrying with it the revolutionary enthusiasm of Uranus, who stays in Taurus. While the great conflict for material sustenance – natural and systemic – rages on and intensifies, Jupiter's ingress into Gemini will certainly blow up the hot air balloon of media manipulation to the point of collapse, or near enough. Perhaps we will have to wait for Uranus to enter Gemini in 2025-2026 for the real media earthquake, keeping in mind that when these two planets conjunct as they have, they kick off a 14 year cycle of big surprises.

Uranus forms a trine to Ceres, the mother and provider, goddess of agriculture and the first stages of life. She is intimately connected to the number 1, bringing us to life but also always accepting that a new cycle always implies a dying. 

Ceres was the first asteroid to be discovered. This happened a few years after Uranus - the first planet to be discovered by an astronomer – was spotted conclusively in the late 18th century.  Ceres is also in a square to Eris, the chaotic warrior goddess. This tells us much about the scenario involving physical sustenance and the production of resources necessary for human life.

There is a fight which will intensify as authorities keep insisting on betraying their mandates and the populations they are meant to serve. Chaos is not to be ruled out from this scenario. Humanity has to grow up from its childish ways, refinding its innocence in the wisdom of simple things, perhaps through inventions and technologies that harmonise – instead of interfere – with the natural rhythms of the Earth.

Expanding our vision

Jupiter is currently in the anaretic degree (30th) of Taurus. This can boost our fears related to sustenance, relating, skills and money. We can fall into the trap of over-valuing the known and thus work ourselves into a sort of pin-point focus – a natural reaction to unknown threats. This tendency can be exacerbated by the Sun in Gemini, so concerned with the little details. But Jupiter and Venus will enter Gemini, still carrying their role as scout planets, allowing us to gently and imaginatively expand our field of vision and have faith in the abundance of the unknown. The feminine influence of the Moon in Sagittarius helps to make us receptive to the bigger picture.

The interaction of Jupiter, Venus and Uranus with Sedna in the very near future can give us inspiration to appreciate the wider cycle we are part of. Understanding this cycle is out of the question, but there are clues.

Sedna is betrayed by the father. She tries to hold on to the boat but he cuts off her fingers. As she drowns she becomes one with the water bringing new forms of life into being, discovering her power through the veil of total loss.

Sedna currently occupies the first degree of Gemini, conjunct the Sun and forming a trine to Pluto. Her movement from the Earth sign Taurus to Air sign Gemini reminds us of the same movement made by Pluto (Capricorn to Aquarius).  What this seems to indicate is that the human (and planetary) story must now shift frequency, become more subtle, less dense.

In this regard much has been made of Sedna in Gemini being associated with the inexorable rise of artificial intelligence as a global phenomenon of great and lasting significance. To broaden our vision also means that we learn to see what is not meant to be seen, to see beyond the mesmerising play of surfaces.

Soon Sedna will be united to Venus, Jupiter, and in 2025-26 joined by Uranus. Many certainties will have to be dropped or significantly revised during this passage. The evolutionary shift from an earth-bound existence to a more subtle frequency need not repeat the age-old religious mistake of depreciating the physical. We are called to move into the subtle through the natural order, not in spite of it. 

In one case we move further away from the Source. In the other we move into a closer relationship to it. The choice is ours to make.

Jupiter's entry into Gemini happens every 12 years.

Clues that will help us understand our individual place in this passage can certainly be found if we are able to dig up what has happened in our lives around this time 12 years ago, and find out how our present is at once an echo of it as well as a new step.


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