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Full Moon in the axis Cancer / Capricorn, 18th January 2022, 0.48 CET, Malta.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

It has been said that the number 48 is the number that makes us Man, and in other words it has been said that 48 is the number of laws Man must obey. While I do not understand exactly what this means, the numerological connection between the theme and time of this FM is certainly not

random. For this FM is very much about 'law'.

The Scene:

The “lord” of the chart is the Moon, as it is the most “elevated”, ruling over the entire chart. The Sun is 'in touch' with the god of the underworld, under the auspices of the 10th house. The conjunction of Sun and Pluto is happening in Pluto's office, down there at the very bottom of the chart. Juno is also present to this meeting, mediating between these two polar opposites as only she can.

Inside Pluto's edifice, adjacent to Pluto's office, there is the “Ideas Room”, house 9, in which

another important meeting is happening between Mercury and Saturn. Like Pluto and Sun these

two also have a complicated relationship, a 'love and hate' one, we could say. This time Mercury's

mood is colouring the discussion significantly, as having just turned retrograde, he has an introspective focus, and wants to bring Saturn on board for an Aquarian re-evaluation of our inner structure. This seems to be fine with Saturn; he likes Mercury better in this mood. Both of them agree to clear some past, making space for a cleaner and more profound link to the Spirit.

18 = 9. House 9:

In the new move of the houses (clockwise direction) house 9, the house of understanding, adventure and self-awakening, becomes a deep place where the “knowing child” is born. Not necessarily taken up by the intellect, this knowing involves a deep and subtle alignment to a fundamental metaphysical order, more inclined towards healing and harmonious resonance, rather than the more traditional associations of the house with “law” and “government”.

This plays beautifully into the mood of this FM.

The Mood:

The general mood of the chart feels like we are being turned inside-out. The Moon in her rulership in Cancer, placed high above all other characters, is a sure indication that emotions are going to be rampant during this lunation's period of influence.

Depending on the quality of one's attention to his/her emotional state in the moment, this

heightened emotional charge can have wildly differing results. It can lead to embarrassing and/or downright dangerous situations, or to a renewed connection to one's most human and nurturing qualities.

The Opportunity:

A focused awareness on the emotional agitation can and will serve to avoid unnecessary conflict, and also to bring emotional patterns that have been hiding deep in the unconscious to the surface. We are being given an invaluable opportunity to experience an emotional rebirth in which the 'knowing child' within us is freed from some “laws”, or unconscious patterns if you prefer.

The opportunity is huge, but one has to be aware of the hidden demon in the room. The deep fears active in the sea of the unconscious, expressed by the square aspect of Lilith and Neptune, can easily escalate. The two most violent energies in our heavens, Mars and Lilith, are in opposition. This cannot be easy to handle, so it pays to be pre-warned of this probable challenge.

Underneath this challenge there is also great opportunity for inspiration and renewal.

The Leap from Fate to Destiny:

A high-priority theme of this chart is that of Death and Rebirth. But what are we referring to when we use these terms?

This FM provides the opportunity for us to actually feel what this means. This is because of a

special and favourable placement of the lunar Nodes relative to the FM. Simplified, the South Node can be associated with “Fate”, and the North Node is “Destiny”.

Fate is what we bring with us from the past into this earthly journey, the hand we are dealt in life's poker game, all that we carry and that needs to be seen and resolved through conscious living. Destiny is the form this resolution takes, the access to and integration of a way of living that resonates harmoniously with our essence.

We carry fate as one carries a massive instruction manual, called “Instructions on How You Should Live”.

Destiny, on the other hand, carries us. It is like a beautiful tune dancing us away into a place in

which law is not needed; a place in which conflict has really come to an end.

In the court of Destiny you simply are.


Destiny, or the North Node, is in a beautiful trine aspect to the Sun and Pluto, opening wide the path of Rebirth.

The South Node is in a trine aspect to the Moon, opening the gates for the hidden past to come into consciousness; the Death that brings about the Rebirth.

These aspects, seen within the whole context of the chart, hold a potential that is difficult to put into words. So perhaps it would be wise to fall silent and let the intelligence of the body do its job.


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