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Full Moon in Virgo, 24th February 2024, 13.30 CET

Neptune, god of the depths of the oceans, is conjunct the Midheaven, the most visible and manifest point of the chart. As Sun enters Pisces it shines upon those depths, thus lending its power for dreams to come true and egoic illusions to dissolve. It makes available a taste of the bliss and opportunity that the life of spirit has to offer.

A characteristic of this chart is that it is internally very consistent.  One main reason for this is that Jupiter, who used to rule Pisces before Neptune was discovered, figures as the planet that brings most of the strongest energies of this full Moon into cohesion. Jupiter likes to bring everything under its purview, and is particularly good at it. This, by most accounts, makes it also a lucky chart, full of promise and positivity.

Jupiter is about spirit acting in and through matter.  He represents the urge to be in connection with an order greater than self, and while this is done in the classic Jupiterian way – in a very individual way – the real urge is to give of oneself and be part of an all-embracing flow.  This brings joy to the heart, as well as other great rewards.

If you take a look at the chart you will see just how important Jupiter is here, and therefore why it is incumbent upon us to connect to the vibration of this largest planet in our Solar System.

One not-so-obvious connection is the one in which he creates a vital bridge between Varda and Sedna.  These two bodies are very mysterious and trans-generational; and the fact that they are in quincunx aspect tends to be considered not such a good bid.  Varda's power to create, and Sedna's role in shaping civilizations for thousands of years at a time, both perilously close to the end of the sign they presently inhabit, locked in an aspect that provides no point of contact whatsoever, can feel terribly lonely and hopeless.  Luckily Jupiter accompanies Sedna in Taurus, while Varda is in Sagittarius, Jupiter's kingdom.  Varda is thus able to furnish Sedna's move into Gemini with the vibration of true originality and creative beauty, a counter-vibration to the artificiality of machine-based 'intelligence'. 

Under the lucky auspices of the father of gods and the queen of starlight, Sedna's ingress in Gemini may likely bring about a new age of curiosity and exploration on an unprecedented scale, with discoveries and evolution of consciousness to match.  With Jupiter's involvement we can be sure that truth is increasingly becoming a matter of trusting our intuition, and putting our confidence in it.

Following the previous new Moon, there is also a deeply personal stratum to this full Moon, as is evident by the moves of the personal planets.  Venus and Mars find a conjunction in the early degrees of Aquarius during this lunation, thus translating Pluto's recent ingress in the same sign to the personal level.  The deep and irreversible generational changes that Pluto in Aquarius demands are brought about positively though our individual act of abandon to the flow of reality. We know in what direction this flow requires us to go by moving forward with Martian intent in the the path shown by our love.  What is it that makes me joyful?  What kind of dedication comes easy to me?  Mercury conjunct Sun in Pisces brings messages from the deep, and Uranus – Mercury's higher octave and ruler of Aquarius – elevates this knowing into revolution.

This is the first full Moon of the lunar (or Chinese) year.  Saturn and GongGong are slowly parting, while the dragon god and Sun come in tight conjunction in Pisces.  Many things in the astrology point to natural disasters, and this seems to be corroborated in the news.  Also significantly, we must remember that Pisces is the sign of illusion, addiction, and ill-health.  Mercury in this sign can become very tricky, and things might not always be what they are made to seem.

This full Moon takes place in the axis Virgo / Pisces, also known as the axis of health.  Issues around our personal health are going to seek to bring attention to themselves, and solutions are likely. 

On the collective level, while globalist psychopaths seek to hijack Jupiter's vibration to serve their greed for expanded control, others might want to connect to his love of life and freedom.  Both Jupiter and Uranus (in Taurus) are in square aspect to Venus, Mars and Pluto in Aquarius.  This is certainly the configuration that screams “REVOLUTION!”


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