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GATES: Invitations for Transformation

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

A gate is an opening for transformation. We have to recognize it, then put the intention of the gate. We have to perceive its effects, first in a global meaning and then in a personal way.

Gates in Personal Cycles OR Gates in your Time-Space:

- Large and small cycles

- Menstruation cycles for women

- Birthdays

- Planetary entries in our astrology houses

- Planetary transits on our birth chart planets (conjunctions and/or oppositions)

- Saturn's 7 year cycles. Saturn's cycle is related to changes in structure. This could be inner structure and/or relating to structures in our life-situation. This kind of cycle is associated to the moon cycle by the number 28.

- Jupiter's cycle of 12 years.

- Numerological cycle of 10 years

Personal Gates related to Global Cycles OR Gates in Global Time-Space:

- When planets move into different signs

- Solstices and equinoxes

- Conjunction between planets

- Full moon and new moon

- Eclipses

- The 4 great Celtic feasts

Timeless Gates OR Gates of Perception:

- Places shown by the Force or by the personal story

- Mystic or religious places

- Places depending on the moment

- Trees (magnetism)

- Rocks (rhythm)

- Mountains (mass)

- Clouds (form)

- Sunsets and sunrises

- Planets you can see in the sky

- Holes in leaves

- Shades or shadows

- Mark on a mountain

- Landscapes

- Passage between 2 trees

- Crystal

- Dreams

- Sleeping

- our Double

Being aware of these gates helps to quicken the process of transformation.


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