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Konceal – an appreciation

Updated: Jun 7, 2022


Konceal's style of the music falls under the wide umbrella of Industrial Electronica. There is heavy use of electronic instrumentation and manipulation of voices and sounds using big amounts of distortions, pitch shifting, and other electronic manipulation and artistry. This Industrial aesthetic is mixed with a Heavy Metal sensibility in the way the beats and riffs pulsate. They are very aggressive and “in your face”, and the songs feature rhythmic screams that remind us of extreme heavy metal sub-genres like Death Metal, Nu Metal, and Thrash Metal. This is common in the Industrial genre, which is an extreme form in the 'Electronica' spectrum. Something that is very particular to Konceal is the insertion of 'real-life' speeches and mixed seamlessly into the architecture of songs. This gives the music a certain gravitas and an overlap with journalism.

The Expression; what and how

The aesthetic expresses the message and lyrical content. The copious and extreme use of 'compression' and 'saturation' brings forth the airless and breathless world that the NWO is intent on creating. The rage at this madness and the need for humanity to wake up are expressed with no holds barred. This band is very clear about what they want to express and how to express it. This is one of the many things that I appreciate in their work. The use of high pitched synthesisers generally using variations of “saw-tooth” and “square-tooth” waves brilliantly express the robotic and violent intent of the agendas that Konceal are clearly keen on NOT concealing. Also, these synthesiser riffs almost always feature pitch-bending (glissando / portamento in technical language), a technique which creates an atmosphere of 'twistedness' and psychopathic instability. This, again, goes perfectly hand in hand with the information and the message that the lyrics carry.

My feelings

My feelings when I was listening to the songs ranged from a sense of desperate “no way out” to a spark of determination to never comply with the lie. I can feel the Warrior and the war in the music. Konceal put me face to face with the dark reality that the world is subjected to in our times. The feeling of inevitability that the whole music package induces is countered by the urgent invitation to wake up and resist. This is what Konceal seem to be aiming at: to make us aware of the gravity of the situation and spur us to action. I was left with the feeling that “the only way out is through”. Konceal literally box you in a corner, a place in which our inner instincts and subtle intelligence can come to the surface. Faced with this reality the only way forward is action.

Rowen's "take"

Hacking Artificial Intelligence ... through ART

Like languages, fashion, cultures, politics, art and many other important aspects of our civilisation, many ideologies blend together with influences of different personal likings; creating something brand new. This is also how new music comes to life. Konceal have managed to mix/harmonize in a metal sound on a bed of dubstep. Over it all, the music is spiced up with speeches of various hot topics, most of which have been highly censored by most media portals all over the world in the past few years.

Along the music novelty, a new space has been found for freedom of speech in this era of suppression. Topics like the Blue Beam Project, New World Order, Vatican Secrets, Weaponized Virus, Illuminati, Adrenochrome and more, are being spoken out aloud without any boundaries. Even through the channels that such topics are most likely to be censored.

Music, movies and most art have in a way become some of the most powerful weapons we as human beings have in our possession to fight off this dark side of the force. Art is somehow still protected from censorship in our society; it is allowed to portray the shadow side of ourselves and the civilisation we live in, even if it is very contradicting to what the majority bows down to. Moreover it is also fashionable in art to be contradicting, making it even harder to suppress. It is also powerful enough to bypass the AI restrictive methods which are being widely used on the ways we communicate. Therefore, art is left to be one of the best mediums available we have to communicate and share knowledge through. Interestingly, it is the key to unlock us from the ARTificial intelligence jail our “beloved” tech companies are attempting to lock us into.

The Great Reset is the acceptance of the collective unconscious that has been hiddenly built in our societies. These are the aspects in our system in which we do not want to see and/or question. The Great Awakening on the other hand, is a real story which is in its happening. A collective move towards the freedom from fear, an amazingly powerful move which is being feared by the manipulators of the egoic powers. Konceal have found a portal, in which they are clearly using to vocalise knowledge. A golden space many are seeking to join and access. With innovations such as this we build together an understanding to help each other realize where and how to continue building the New World.

Roben "take"

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