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Let’s Cook our karma (s)!

Updated: May 8, 2021

Is there a jail for reason this fast and furious 21st century ? Our so called Politics, dealing with reason and lies as their cult, ruling countries, have never been so insane. Probably chosen by the flyers but not the people, they provide a wide range of services including mental slavery, dictatorship and vaccination.

In this rainy and mysterious 1st May, also called Beltaine in the old Celtic tradition, I decided to go hiking at the top of the hill, where there was a Medieval Castle (in Manosque-France). Nowadays only a part of the main tower is left. The place is called la Tour du Mont d’or (the tower of the golden mount) and dominates the city.

The day before I was thinking about the karmas and their symbols throughout astrology and numerology. Mingling knowledge and perceptions.

On Beltaine day at 10.15am I arrived on top of the hill, looking at the Tower. Suddenly I realized that we can cook the numbers/karmas as we can cook fruits, vegetables or meat slices. We can cut them, mix them and make a wonderful dish.

If number 0 is the core of non-existence, many numerologists consider it as a missing number like a karma.

As I was born on the 15 (sept), an idea to add two 0s or multiplying by 100 to have a date of a century. Why 100? In French 100 is pronounced « cent »,the exact pronunciation of « sang », meaning blood. This phonetic coincidence has its own importance.

So 1500’s should be the century of let’s say my post Middle Age karma cleansing. So what happened in this century is astonishing….1534 foundation of the Jesuit Order. Uuupppss ! At the age of 15 I entered a catholic school. The year after I was « promoted » to a Jesuit college for only 5 months, as I remember it was the hell of my life at that time (eating, sleeping and studying in the school, full board of brain washing).

Always have in mind that a perception is a good beginning to localize your karma on

the scale of History?

So let’s go for it...

Shall we start from the end of the Roman Empire (in 395) from 300’s to the

Constantinople taken by Mahomet II (in 1453), we have a global Middle Ages scale: 300-1400

* If we multiply the days of birth between 3 and 14 by 100, we have centuries : 300, 400, 500, 600, 700...1000, 1200, 1300, 1400. This should represent the Middle Ages scale.

* If we multiply the days of birth 1 and 2, we have 100 and 200. This should represent the entry of Middle Ages scale.

* The most difficult to decipher will be post Middle Ages numbers as a month has 30 numbers and we need to fit a day of birth in a karmic scale, so before 1900.

In my case, 1500, the Jesuits stuff fits with my personal story. So I strongly suggest to see what should be the link between your personal story (address, education, travels, centres of interests, place of birth, of work...) and the past life in Middle Ages or close to the Renaissance.

So why not slice the numbers of your day of birth from 16 to 31!

1600/2= 800 2200/2=1100

1700/2= 860 2300/2=1150

1800/2 =900 2400/2=1200

1900/2= 950 .…………............

2000/2= 1000 3000/2=1500

2100/2= 1050 3100/2=1550

But don’t forget it’s just a recipe, your intuition or your sensation of déjàvu will make the difference. This interaction History-personal story is important.

So if you want to cook your karmas and make your own recipe, the moment has come. Also never underestimate your dreams, as they are the track in the collective unconscious of your past lifes. By designating the word karma, one doesn’t involve fatality or any unresolved problem, but a lesson to learn, a forgotten potential to re- activate, a new insight, a new motivation to restart something...probably through a metamorphosis of the soul.

Have no hesitation, to twist, reverse, slice or divide the numbers that seem important to you, path, day, month, hour of birth… there no mistakes, just experiences. If you see a number repeating more than 3 times in your numerology chart, or if you felt attacted in your childhood/teenage time by a civilisation or a country, these are also interesting tracks... like 21(st Century)= 12th (Century) reverse!

So let’s be (mentally) flexible and cook our karmas in the kitchen of intuition.


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