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In this amazing crazy, fast, karmic, challenging 21st century, it’s very important to see how consciousness works, how it acts, living in all possibilities at once. Consciousness knows what is possible, projects itself into a multitude of roads, explores them, and brings back feelings.

In this article, i would like to merge the concept from Laurent Lévy (spiritual teacher) called the lines of reality and the shamanic concept of the assemblage point from Carlos Castaneda. Merging two different concepts in one is probably a challenge for the mind. But we have to remember that Enlightened people use different words to describe their experience.

Laurent Lévy talks about the lines of reality:

“ Each line of reality has its peculiarities; it comes with different beliefs, perceptions and rules. In fact, our consciousness chooses the line it wants at every moment. When you hesitate between one event and another, your awareness validates the choice of the line, which means the choice of being in that moment amongst a wide range of moments.
This opens up possibilities for surprising experiences.
The past is no longer fixed, nor are the present and the future.
The one we have "lived" is put back to the rank of possible, and not of "true" and solid.
The different lines can even communicate with each other!
This passage of consciousness is enormous.”

Laurent Lévy

The Assemblage Point is a zone of focus of specific beams of energy in the energetic cocoon of every human being.

The energy lines which it gathers and lights up, as well as its position in the field of energy, determine our perception of the world by assembling a reality of defined forms.

We can clearly see that both of them use the word “line”. It’s important to point out that a move of the A.P. or finding a new line of reality depends on the way we perceive the world. As time is not linear, but cyclical, there’s always an infinity of moments gathered in the present moment.

The spiritual warrior must be able to live in all the possible tracks at the same time.

Laurent Lévy gives us a precious clue:

“… a line, a tunnel, an idea, are already existing possibilities. When we validate them, consciously or not, we download the world that comes with them.”

Castaneda does it in the same way:

a movement of the A.P changes our perception of what we call reality, and thus our way of behaving, thinking, and seeing the world.

Assembling a new line of reality (or a new tunnel) is a new concept, perceived during the last full moon in Scorpio (7.05.2020).

I wanted to share it with you!

Films suggested: Matrix, Minority Report, Looper.


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