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New Moon 23rd December 2022: seeing the light!

Following the article on the Solstice and Portal, this New Moon ahas something very peculiar. Not only, it occurs 2 days after the winter Solstice but 2 days before the Christmas feast of the 25th.

On the previous article, I wrote : all the planets are located in the western part, separated by a powerful axis Mars in Gemini/ Moon in Sagittarius.

The chart of the NM shows us exactly a reverse situation: all the planets are located in the Eastern part of the zodiac. Mars looks like acting like a referee.

In Capricorn, sign of Mars... we find: Sun, Moon,Venus, Mercury and Pluto. The sign of the sea goat represents structure, not only on the body but also in a government.

So let’s be ready to be a bit shaken regarding our body language.

Skipping from West to East the message of the planets shows us the conflict between the occidental block wanting to keep its hegemony in the world and the oriental block claiming its independence from the system rule by the deep state and its satellites.

Mars in Gemini, sign of Mercury shows us that the psycho war battlefield is still running on the screens.

Jupiter has entered the sign of Mars,(Aries) on the 21st Dec, making this portal a fantastic opportunity to SEE what’s really going on in the world, and also in our inner world. The choice of non diving into a collective fear has been given, and we must expect a big amount of revelations after this NM.

The Yule or return of the light must keep its promises by bringing truth (light) on lies (darkness and manipulation).

For the peaceful warriors involved in a path, it’s important to remember:

Let’s think about light as a symbol of truth.


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