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New Moon 2nd January 22 = seeing the portal!

Since the 12th December there’s a special cosmic event as a comet, called Leonard. Named after Greg Leonard, a senior researcher at the University of Arizona and the astronomer who discovered it in January 2021, should view it from a spot with dark skies. The comet is currently located in the constellation of Sagittarius. The brightest comet of 2021 according to EarthSky, has been visible with binoculars and telescopes throughout December. The comet made its closest approach to Earth on December 12, passing to within 21 million miles of our planet. It made an exceptionally close passage to Venus on December 17 and 18. As after passing the sun on January 3, 2022, the comet could be heading out of the solar system forever. In addition to this steady brightening, the comet could undergo a series of outbursts of brightness as it gets closer and closer to our star.

Thus, our solar system is illuminated by a powerful LIGHT that cleans, transforms and enhances creation. Whenever powerful cosmic events are expelled from our Sun and they were initially received by the Great Central Sun, it takes about three days (as human consciousness calculates the delays) so that they arrive completely in our planetary inner and outer fields. This portal of dynamic energy currents life force currently overlaps the portal of the New Moon and causes an intensification of “light activation symptoms” (LAS), as awareness of our DNA and cellular recordings makes adjustments to manage incoming frequencies.

A lack of restorative night sleep, foggy thoughts, exhaustion, anxiety, rapid heart rhythms, strange pain, and many other re-birth challenges are reported worldwide.

Planets and numbers: The 1st NM of the year 02.01.2022 will definitely bounce with the NM and beginning of the Chinese new year of the 01.02.2022. The sum of the numbers leads to 9 and the house 9, location of the wise Sagittarius. It is a matter of re-finding a secret knowledge hidden by the system and refunding truth in a world based on lies and manipulation.

New Moon 2nd January 2022 @ 19h35-France

On the 2nd January 22 we continue our deep cleansing throughout the planets aspects including the comet. The excessive light and heat for the season helps to spiritualize the body for the ones who refused the poisonous jabs. From now on, it’s a process of return as the darkness of the world leaders has been spread by a turmoil of light! There are several planets in Capricorn, an earth sign ruled by Mars and Saturn, now occupied by the sun, the moon, Venus and Pluto. This double conjunction offers us the opportunity to restructure our personality by bringing a new touch of change, creativity or radical transformation. It is also the right moment to have another vision of the situation without being swallowed by the big amount of info, unfortunately coloured by fears. The alert launchers have done their job and we have to thank them. They are still trapped in the axis of the nodes in Gemini (north) - Sagittarius (south) carrying too much emotions, fears, stories and analysis. But this is part of the Revolution: being aware of what we need and not what the system wants you to need.

Venus in Retrograde motion is showing the path. The ruler of Libra and Taurus wants us to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery(lies), in order to accept that our body throughout its senses is a perfect tool of perception. All the statistics served by the flyers industries are now leading to an inevitable indigestion. Located in the sign of Mars and Saturn, our Nagual part will have to struggle a bit to erupt, helped by the god of the underworld, Pluto. The NM in Capricorn invites us to re-structure our confidence in the Spirit/Nagual, to forget the system/matrix for a while in order to enter the portal.

To finish this article a song is coming to my mind...we are spirits in the material world. And this ... the flyers don’t want you to know it.

Police- Spirits In The Material World (Remastered 2003)

May the Force be with you in 2022! Happy New year, Feliz ano nuevo, Bonne Année à tous !


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