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New Moon in Cancer, 6th July 2024, 0.57 CET

This is a time for gratitude, a time to appreciate what you have been given. The life that pulsates in your body, the energy that drives your movements, the opportunities that have arisen for you to get where you are, and those through whom they presented themselves to you. To lose touch with this sense of continuity – this river of life of which you and I are but a temporary drop, a splash, a splinter – is to sink back into the lower vibrations of Cancer, where comfort becomes a fortress.

Everyone in the world harbours the secret dream of returning to the womb, an idealised paradise where mistakes have not yet been made and can therefore be avoided, where 'the evil that men do' is still a matter you can leave to the grown-ups. Lilith and Neptune in opposition remind us that this is not possible. The emptiness of the womb is final. The dream of escaping into comfort is an illusion for which we pay a high price. Our potential is the currency.

The gentle acknowledgement of our sheer and inescapable loneliness – a strong theme in Cancer – brings to an end the demand for dependence on an 'other', a dependence that is only 'love' in seed form. During this new Moon we are invited, and given the tools, to bring that seed to sprout, to reach into more authentic dimensions of loving.

In the same way this is a time to acknowledge your needs, especially feelings that have stood the test of time. It's now time to listen. If you pay attention you will feel an unusual aliveness.  This new Moon is truly a rare gem due to the very tight alignment of Sun, Moon and the star Sirius. A deeper dimension closer to Source is literally showering us with light, and this beautiful Moon in Cancer makes it easier to simply sit back, relax, and receive.

There is much in this chart, as reflected in the world within and around us that might induce tension and uncertainty. And this is definitely going to intensify as Mars conjuncts Uranus in Taurus in a very near future. But that is not here, now. At this moment Mars has patience and discipline, forming harmonious aspects to nocturnal planets (Saturn and Venus) that are embedded in very nurturing water signs. This is a time to go deep and give your emotions a voice. Prepare the landing ground for the explosive conjunction, as with Uranus there is always an earthquake and a surprising turn of events.

Allow circulation. Water needs a draining point, an act of letting go. The energy is available to make moves based on pure feeling, as this chart belongs without the slightest doubt to the Moon. During this time we are granted the opportunity to define our personal space, our needs as well as what we truly want. We are able to understand that we need to protect our personal space, and what to protect it from. Our homes, our body, our emotions; these are the spaces in which we grow and become authentic beings, and we therefore do well to care for them gently, dispelling shady intrusions. There is nothing to fear. All we have to do is open our eyes to what our feelings are showing us.

Friendships, love relationships, money, and blood-related health are presently prone to some challenge, as Chiron squares Venus. But this and the other challenging characteristics of this new Moon occur within a very nurturing and benevolent embrace. Within this embrace we will discover truths that will feel uncomfortable, and within this embrace we shall immediately intuit that there is a more profound current at work. All that is happening has one final purpose: to make us more conscious of a completeness that is already there.


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