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New Moon in Libra, 6th October 2021, 13.05 CET

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Still Action

Mercury R tends to make the internal dialogue stronger and more insistent. But it also gives access to a deeper intuition. This means that positive action is required in terms of channelling the inner agitation into constructive cre-activity. Mars' position indicates that physical excercise or actions involving physical exertion are going to be very useful. This not only clears the mind and avoids rushing into impulsive actions that may have unintended consequences (which could turn out to be difficult to fix), but also can serve to actually create something useful and beautiful, even in the face of difficulty and obstacles.

We should be aware of angry thoughts and emotional agitation, as they can very easily be expressed as violence. Pluto and Saturn will be stationing into direct motion a few days after the NM, and therefore the negative consequences of actions that come out of agitation will manifest fast and strong. The placement of some of the less well known asteroids (like the one called “Karma”) signal that this anger or agitation may have karmic influences acting unconsciously. We therefore must do everything in our power to balance our mind and follow the inner intuition that Mercury R provides.

Meditation and quiet time, as well as physical exertion of some sort, cannot be recommended enough. Venus and Mars are the only major planets in direct motion. This means that creativity, flexibility in the face of adverse situations, and the active appreciation of beauty are great ways to deal with, and make positive use of, the energies available during this New Moon.

The passion that Mars injects can become a little confused by its placement in Libra and the deep femininity of the NM with which it is conjunct. This is why impulsive action is not a great idea, and it is a real risk with Mars quincunx Uranus R. Giving oneself time to align with a still place within can lead to effective action in a near future. Libra offers this possibility on a silver platter as it is always ready to look at an issue from different perspectives and reverse the hard-headed pride that makes us think we are right all the time.

This does not mean that we should lose confidence in our choices or keep postponing what needs to be manifested. In fact what we need to do is find that confidence by going deeper, beyond the noise of the mind, our concerns, and our anger. Alignment is itself action. It is how the timeless dimension animates our limited perception in time. As our inner knowing deepens the 'dangerous' aspects can become our allies, leading to action that is aligned, focused and effective. In other words we bring ourselves into contact with the the multi-dimensional nature of truth, and therefore right action.

The New Moon is a perfect time to set an intent. It represents an end to a cycle and the beginning of a new one. But in the process, in order to avoid being caught up in a loop of the same ideas and consequences, there must be cleansing and recalibration. It is enough for us to understand a bit more about what our prison walls are made of, as that is the key to understanding the fact that they have no real power over us. In the absence of this understanding we are but flies constantly flying into a glass window. With understanding we find the opening in the window and the new world that awaits. The New Moon can be understood as a moment of suspension and dissolution, in which reality is listening to our wishes in a special way.

Finding balance is also a matter of impeccability, which is the practice of not wasting our energy in pursuits of the mind. Understanding our present situation and acting according to that understanding needs a surplus of energy. Considering the tricky atmosphere of our time, compounded by a tricky Mercury R, screwing around with our appointments and communication devices, as well as our minds, and spawning lots of contradictory “news”, we can allow ourselves to disobey our agitation and learn to wait for pure knowing to arise. Perhaps it is a good idea to “climb the mountain” during this NM and avoid exposing oneself to “information” unnecessarily.

These are not easy times, so it takes courage to take it easy. To find a place of Silent Knowledge is action of the highest degree. May you use your intent to sow stillness and sanity into this mad world.


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