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New Moon in Pisces, 10th March 2024, 10am CET

Updated: Mar 14

Taking a first look at the chart you will notice that the main planets are grouped in the south-east corner, populating the first and last two signs of the zodiac. Immediately this points to endings and beginnings, also implying the need to accept the difficulties that being-in-transition brings about.

This new Moon happens in the 3rd decan of Pisces, which makes it very specifically Piscean. Here we experience a higher being, an ability to let go of self-importance and experience release from the terrible burden of control. We are now able to look at things from a higher stand-point, releasing the negativity accumulated during the year. Pisces is about completion; the kind of completion that arises naturally as one opens up to life.

Jupiter, the star of the previous full Moon, is still holding various interesting relationships. The giant of the zodiac is steadily moving into a conjunction to Uranus (exact in April), as well as a sextile to Saturn. So he finds himself in the crossfire between two different ways of life, so to speak. Thankfully Jupiter is “big enough” to contain the conflict, and this is good because we are to do exactly that.

Uranus pushes a sense of urgency, wanting change and haste. Saturn says “patience mate, things need time to grow.” And this is where we are; inwardly pressured and practically challenged. The square between Uranus and Mars makes this energy even more pronounced.  Here comes the strength of Jupiter, able to contain the tension, channeling it into a process of growth. On the flip-side, we are now able to release some of the Saturnian seriousness, making decisions on the fly, or at least in less laborious fashion. For those who are generally more impulsive the opposite might be the case.

A similar tug-o-war is also present in the 'mutual reception' of Uranus and Venus. (Mutual reception =  Uranus is in Venus's kingdom and Venus in Uranus's). There is a push towards thinking big, but we also find the Taurian hoof bearing upon the issues regarding the practical needs required to concretize such dreams.

Apart from that there is also the conjunction of Chiron and North Node, expressing a vibration of self-doubt about how to go about fulfilling one's destiny, or even knowing with any certainty what it consists of. But this conjunction is dissolving, so all we need to do is observe our feelings and behaviours in this regard, so the healing latent underneath the experience can be gleaned in time.

Indeed, the process of healing that started in 2011, when Neptune entered its kingdom Pisces (formerly owned by Jupiter), is very much brought about in full, albeit in miniature dimension, by this new Moon. 7 days after this new Moon, or half-way to the eclipse of the 25th of March, the Sun will move into conjunction with Neptune. This will allow us to rise to a new vision, a more complete version of ourselves, and therefore of our actions and dreams.

With Mercury in the first degree of the zodiac, in sextile to Pluto in Aquarius, the ideas we have been dreaming up in our minds and souls are being given the permission to come true. In the process our minds evolve, discover new ways of communicating, and open up new frontiers for how to think about everything, based on the healing received in the Piscean oceans. 

This is a healing of fears that pin us down in material concerns and attachment to forms.  The process this new Moon kicks off is one of release from such weights. Keyword: Trust.


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